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Communication has, over the last 5-10 years, turned upside down. Land lines are slowly giving
way to mobile phones and VoIP. The US has over 370 million mobile subscribers and has added
5 million in Q3 of 2014. By 2020, the number of mobile subscribers worldwide is expected to
cross 9.5 billion! By the end of 2013, there were 40 million VoIP subscribers in North America
and this is growing by over 3% every quarter.
VoIP Phones for SMBs - The Only Choice
Clearly the future for a SMBs office phone system is some form of VoIP phone service. PSTN
has started losing the race and TELCOs are slowly withdrawing their landline offerings. It does
not make any sense to go in for a landline now. With rising costs and lowering support for
products and services, you will be troubled to get the kind of office phone systems reliability and
efficiency you are looking for in PSTN.
VoIP based office telephones, on the other hand, is a growing market. More and more
vendors are coming in with new offerings, improved technology, and new discounts to grab your
Small Business Phone Systems - Choices
No matter the type of business you are in, reliable and efficient communication is a necessity for
running your business operations smoothly. You essentially want a product that works without a
hitch and does not need too much technical support for installation and problem solving.
There are multiple choices available in the kind of VoIP you can install. This depends a lot on
your CAPEX capabilities as well as the quantum of communication you foresee in your
On-Premise IP Phone System
If you have the capability to invest roughly $10-15K, an on-premise office phone system such
as IPedge is an ideal choice. IPedge is a pure IP office phone system that works completely off
your LAN and Internet connection. IPedge delivers a number of unique advantages that are
hard to beat
Freedom from long distance charges and per minute call rates as all your
communication runs over your Intranet and ISP provided IP networks.

A host of new features you can deliver to yourself and your clients such as unified
communication, messaging, and video conferencing.
Complete freedom to personalize the way you communicate at your desk, while roaming
in your office, at home, or, on the road.
Great flexibility. You can start with up to 40 users and expand up to 1000s as you grow
your business.
Hosted Phone System
If you are unsure about your call volume, and are looking at smaller spend figures, there is
another alternative available. A hosted phone system, or Hosted PBX, is where a service
provider or telecom company offers all the features of a powerful office phone system by hosting
the IP-PBX on the cloud for you. Toshiba, for example, has hosted its IPedge server on a highly
secure data center with multiple backup and nearly 100% redundancy. All you need to do is to
subscribe to the services of the hosted phone system and you are off and running.
Toshiba's hosted IP-PBX is called VIPedge, and offers you all the features of it's highly
acclaimed IPedge for less than a dollar a day per user. You get a superb VoIP service, unified
communications, and everything else that an on-premise IP-PBX can offer you.
Mix the Two
A third choice is to mix the two options described above. Start with an on-premise office phone
system such as IPedge, and expand by subscribing to hosted phone systems such as VIPedge
as you grow and need more connections and more features. You can merge the operations of
both the systems and you will not face any issues on costs or connectivity.
The Next Step
With multiple choices available, you will find it easy to get the right sized office telephone
system that can meet your current needs and grow with you. Get in touch with us today and we
will be happy to discuss your requirements and deliver the right communication solutions you
About Dove Communications
Dove Communication is a leader in installing and supporting VoIP and IP based communication
systems. From voice to video to full integration to your computerized system for data integration,

we can provide all the knowledge and technology needed for you to switch over to VoIP
communication. Our association with Toshiba gives us a strong edge in technology. Toshiba's
VIPedge, their IP telephony in the cloud, has been winning awards year after year. If you phone
usage is high, we can also offer your IPedge, another award winning product from Toshiba. If
you have call center requirement, we have the wonderful Strata CIX. All these products are
backed by powerful software as well as our installation and support capabilities.
Give us a call today for your VoIP needs.

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