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Best catering company in sydney
You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food
Paul Prudhomme
Smart Catering specialises in “honest” catering solutions for all your private
celebrations and corporate events.
The idea behind honest food is to offer Sydneysiders incredible value via well
priced, quality meals. All meals are designed by
our Head Chef Julien Audibert, who brings you no less than 20 years of
international experience.
We wouldn’t be here without you, and for that we owe you everything.
We hope to have the pleasure to show you what we are all about.
Honest food, amazing Head Chef and desire to please!
Smart Catering Sydney has made its reputation thanks to our desire to please. We
recognise that we are nothing without you, our clients, so we want to give you
the best possible value; we treat our customers as friends, and we couldn’t be
happier with the tremendous reward we get from you. We guarantee to impress
with our staff and overall food experience!
Introducing Julien Audibert, Head Chef leading the team
As a young chef Julien learnt the fundamentals in a prestigious French
hospitality/cooking school in Paris. He then travelled the world from Europe
countries to Asian countries to further develop his classics and turn them onto
original and delightful dishes.
Along his culinary journey he has developed inspirational dishes through different
cultures and has learnt how to mix and balance flavours together. Julien worked
side by side with some of the world’s best chefs, including Dominique Grel,
Stephane Vieux, Jean-Michel Guilloteau, Pierre Hermé, Patrice Hardy, and Marc
With a culinary experience that stretches over almost 20 years, half of which was
spent in fine dining and as head chef Julien has used this incredible experience to
allow him to become an ambassador of quality food. If Julien is the true
inspiration, the rest of the team is just as passionate and ready to help. We pride
ourselves in delivering amazing value and first class service from your very first
enquiry to the day and even after your event.
We will look after all your needs, regardless how small or big your event is and we
guarantee to give the very best level of attention and care; the one that you
deserve as a client.
Give us a call and start the experience today!
Our Menu
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2) Buffet Menu