Smart Fleet Management Market Research Report - Global Forecast To 2023

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Smart Fleet Management Market Research Report - Global Forecast
To 2023
Report / Search Code: MRFR/AM/3788-HCRR Publish Date: June, 2018
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Description: Global Sm art Fleet Management Market Information Report by
Transportation (Automotive, Rolling Stock, Marine), by
Hardware (Tracking, Optimization , ADAS, and Diagnostic), by
Solution (Tracking and Optimization), and by Regions - Global
Forecast To 2023
Market Scenario
Smart fleet management, essentially, a system through which operators
keep track of variable factors such as fuel consumption, maintenance
and route management. Smart fleet management systems provide a
dedicated ser ver for fleet data and security in a single system, which
enables operators to analyze and make informed and cost effec tive
decisions or enhance safety. Such availability of integrated data through
smart flee t management systems attract customers, toward these
solutions, across the globe. With the entire automotive industry pushing
for higher fuel efficiency in vehicles combined with high speed networks,
the market for smart fleet manag ement is expected to witness significant
growth during the forecast period. Rising demand for connectivity and
government regulations are expected to augment the smart fleet
management market. Reduction of both, transportation cost and
operating cost has come for th as a major trend in the automotive
industry, which encourages the players in the smart fleet management
High costs associated with t he smart fleet management systems is
expected act as a major hindrance for the market. Additionally,
continuous increase in fleet sizes and travel routes, successively , result
in higher complexi ty of the sy stem, which is expected to act as another
major restraint for the smart fleet management market.
Regional Analysis
The Asia Pacific region is expected to provide lucrative opportunities to
layers in the smart fleet management market. Stringent governmen t
regulations, combined with improving transportation facilities and
infrastructure are expected to aid the growth of the smart fleet
management market in this region. Government authorities in countries
such as India and China encourage original equipment m anufacturers to
implement s uch systems in vehicles, main ly to enhance driver safety.
The market for smart fleet management is expected to thrive in this
region. Additionally, improving socio-economic conditions in countries
such as India, Thailand, and Indonesia have resulted in the growth of
demand for premium segment fleets, which positively impacts the market
growth during the forecast period.
Other regions such as North America and Europe are also poised for
rapid growth. Existence of sophisticated technology and major
manufacturers, provi des solid groundwork for the smart fleet
management firms in this region. Established automo tive industry also
aids the growth of the market in these regions. Rising number of
commercial fleets in Europe and United States, widen the customer base
to accommodate major smart fleet management system manu facturers.
Significant technological development and research and development
activities in the North America and Europe are expected to pr ovide high
opportunities for the smart fleet management market to rapidly growth
during the forecast period.
Market Segmentation
Key Players
The key players of global smart fleet management market are Harman
International Industries, Inc., Robert Bosch GmbH., Siemens AG, Denso
Corporation, IBM Corporation, Contine ntal AG, Cisco Systems, Inc.,
Sierra Wireless, Inc., Calamp Corp., OTTO Marine Ltd., Precious
Shipping Co. Ltd., and Globecomm Systems, Inc. In 2016, these
companies accounted for a share of XX% of the global market.
Intended Audience
Distributer & Supplier companies
End Users
Consultants and Investment bankers
Government as well as Independent
Regulatory Authorities
Product Analysis
Product matrix which gives a detailed
comparison of the market for different
recycled product types
Additional Information
Regulatory Landscape
Pricing Analysis
Macroeconomic Indicators
Geographic Analysis
Geographical analysis across 15
Company Information
Profiling of 10 key market players
In-depth analysis including SWOT
analysis, and strategy information of
related to report title
Competitive landscape including
emerging trends adopted by major
The report for Global Smart Fleet Management Market o f Market
Research Future comprises of extensive primary research al ong with
the detailed analysis of qualitative as well as quantitative aspec ts by
various industry experts, key opinion leaders to gain the deeper insight of
the market and industry performance. The report gives the clear picture
of current market scenario which includes historical and projected market
size in terms of value, technolog ical advancement, macro economical
and gover ning factors in the market. The report provides details
information and strategies of the top key players in the ind ustry. The
report also gives a broad study of the different market segments and
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