smartphone application development

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Mobile Application Development Leads
Way For Business

Mobile application development is the method by which application software is
developed for small low-power handheld devices such as, enterprise digital
assistants or mobile phones, personal digital assistants. These applications are
also pre-installed on phones during manufacture, or downloaded by consumers
from app stores and other mobile software distribution platforms.
The internet has been made more private and interactive with the development of
web 2.0. Some of the serious issues that need to be considered when accessing the
internet through the mobile are as follows.
Rapidity of downloading: The website must be downloaded on the mobile device
as rapidly as possible. This depends on to the amount of the website being
compatible with the platform of the smart phone.
Mobile application development should be such that the user need not scroll
vertically or horizontally to see the information of the website.
The photos and the text content should be legible and clear . If the images are
unclear , there is no use of putting them in the application. The other thing is ,if the
text content is not readable the reason of the website cannot be served.
The conveniences provided through the mobile application development are also of
vital importance. For ex if the mobile application concerns banking services it
should not only show the balance but facilitated the user with the feature of
transferring the money from his or her account to someone else's account.
These days people are running short of time and want to order for things from their
smart phones. Previously it was the lap top that the individuals used to carry but
now the mobile phones are slowly replacing the lap tops. This insinuates that the
websites that were made to be friendly with the lap tops now have to be compatible
with the smart phone platforms.

A Developer's point of view

Smartphone application development is done on numerous platforms: Google's
android, Blackberry, Symbian, MeeGo/Maemo, Apple's I-OS (running on i-phones
and i-pads),Windows phone 7, Air/Flash Lite, Java ME, BREW MP ,BREW,
Samsung WebOS & BADA etc. Now, if a Mobile application developer has to
choose from one of the available platforms then, each one has its own unique set of
features, which attracts a developer to go for them. Apple's app-store is offering
more than 350,000 mobile applications and other competitors like are coming close
As far as the cost is concerned, most of the mobile applications are obtainable in
the market starting from as low as $.99 to $6, along with trial versions of these
apps for free. But it does not mean that we have to pay to get any application to
work in our phone. There is a bunch of very useful apps which are available free in
the market, For example Google voice, Skype, Word press, Facebook, AppMiner,
I-Books, Pandora-radio. Find my phone etc can be downloaded free of cost. The
usefulness of these applications does speak for their value for money aspect, which
is making us buy them, to help us live a better life.Though, taking every aspect into
account, including the consumer demand, brand popularity, ease of development,
future technology, flexibility, competition, increasing number of users etc.
Android and Apple's I-OS are on the top.
Android's best attribute is that it uses the open source java as it's expansion
medium, which attract developers with any development background to walk off
for it.It reduces any kind of dependency to develop its applications where as i-OS
development is completed in MAC surroundings only.

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