So What Are Covert Hypnosis Techniques

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Is covert hypnosis ethical?

There seem to be a lot of different opinions about the use of hypnosis to change peoples minds
without they knowing, which is the main purpose of covert or conversational hypnosis. The fact
that someone is able to "talk to you" into something seems like some sort of evil power used by
movie villains.

Covert hypnosis or any type of hypnosis is neither good or evil, neither ethical or unethical by
itself; the main purpose of covert hypnosis should be to lead someone to take action on something
that will be beneficial to the person to be hypnotized and the hypnotist himself. We should always
use covert hypnosis on a win-win situation. Let me give an example:

Let suppose that you are a real estate sales person, and you know that a particular house is the
perfect fit for a prospect of yours but, he is hesitant about purchasing because he just wants to
think about it. If you know that purchasing the house will be the right move for your prospect and
will give you a clear financial gain (commission), then is not unethical to use your unique powers of
covert hypnosis to help him make the decision of buying, before procrastination keeps him from
getting a fantastic deal on the house.

This example is an example of a win-win situation that makes use of covert hypnosis not only
ethical, but almost necessary.

But there is the other side of the coin, the dishonest person that will use any means to take
advantage of someone. Let me give you an example of unethical use of conversational hypnosis:

Lets say a con-man is trying to pull of a scam, and he uses the power of covert hypnosis to get
you to invest in a business that is nothing but a fraud, but he uses his uncommon abilities to make
you feel at easy and so relaxed that you don't pay attention to the details of the operation, and he
uses hypnosis to instill suggestions on your subconscious that make you think that you are going
to make a lot of money out of this deal, and you even ask him to be part of it without him even

The latest example might seem a little bit over the board, but this actually happens more often
than you think, a lot of scam artists are skill full covert hypnotists, and they learn these techniques
because they know how strong they are to influence and convince people into doing anything.

So in conclusion, covert hypnosis is neither ethical or unethical, it is the responsibility of the
person that makes use of it to use it responsibly and never to take advantage of anyone with this

tremendous power.

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