Social Intelligence: Leveraging Social Intelligence for Business Reach

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Social Intelligence: Leveraging Social Intelligence for Business Reach
The expanse of the globalized business world into online trading and e-commerce demands the
need for understanding of customer behavior. The vast uses of the Internet and the various
technological innovations like social gaming and networking have only paved way for
organizations to analyze and understand end-users, their demographic profile and behavior.
In today's technological scenario, social intelligence has become an essential gateway to
understanding human behavior. This further paves way for social media analytics, which helps
in deriving consumer and organizational psychology. Understanding the social media is a mind-
boggling exercise, hence there are a number of service providers who have ventured into the
process of providing social intelligence solutions. By following exclusive strategies, and social
media analytics, these enterprises achieve valuable real-time insights.
Social intelligence as defined by E.L. Thorndike is about the capability to act wisely in human
relationships. However, from the business point of view, this refers to the online practice of
business houses to monitor, gather, and analyze data such as product comments, posts,
reviews and service issues to be well informed about customer reactions and help create
responsible business strategies and decisions. In other words this is all about using technology
as engagement metrics to build social networking website of their own or use Facebook
analytics for study of social analytics.
Though the use of social intelligence as a analytical tool is still at its nascent stage and most
organizations have not embraced the technology, the designing of good social intelligence
strategies will help organizations to know their consumers better, incorporate branding, create
business lead generation techniques, and provide quality customer service. Social Intelligence,
with its three basic steps of monitoring, collecting and analyzing the social content, is
advantageous for any organization that embraces the process. By judicious use of the
information, enterprises are able to strategize their social media analytics effectively.
For enterprises, irrespective of these being a large-scale business conglomerate or a small and
medium business one, adopting social intelligence strategies has a number of advantages. The
right set of engagement metrics helps a company understand the starting point, the target
audience, and creation of messages, which would resonate time and again. Besides, this would
help organizations track a number of social platforms and access data for a deeper insight into
customer behaviour so as to strategize for a broader e-commerce market. The leaders in the
field of social media analytics have designed and developed tools which has transformed
analytics into mechanized process to help improve an organization's user-reach, customer
retention and revenue generation.