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You'll find two vital aspects that decide whether or not solar panels are appropriate for the area or
not. These are climate and sunlight exposure. Climate has a direct influence on how much sunshine
your property receives. If your location has a lot of snowfall for many days with the year, it could
nonetheless be feasible to utilize PV panels supplied there is an approach to take out snow that
accumulates on the panels. Perhaps you will be living in a region in which there are actually a lot of
clouds that block direct sunshine. The light intensity might be affected. But this doesn't mean you
can't use PV panels. What this means is light is diffused and is now at a decrease intensity. You
could still install PV panels if the general sunlight intensity is adequate.
Some regions struggle with air visibility complications. Particles inside the air result in sunlight to
become lowered. These may possibly be on account of fog, haze or smog. Conditions are hardly
ever poor sufficient to prohibit you from working with PV panels. But when this occurs, you can
maybe use some other renewable energy sources like wind turbines, if there may be adequate wind
at your place. Temperature is another climatic situation that impacts that overall performance of
your photovoltaic panels. When temperature rises, PV panels drop in efficiency. For very best
overall performance, solar panels really should be installed in an area with low temperature and
some breeze. This is mainly because semiconductors carry out ideal when they are cool.
Wind also impacts your PV panel installation. Strong winds could harm your solar panels. But this
might be circumvented by planting a hedge on the wind-side of the property, or use a wind turbine
to diffuse the wind energy and create additional electricity at the same time. You must also use
stronger mounts to avoid wind from tearing out your PV panels. Precipitation often affects only the
amount of sunlight reaching your solar panels. But if there exists hail at your location, you have to
use solar panels which are hail resistant. PV panel damages is often extremely costly. As a result
you need to stay clear of hail damage as much as possible.
Apart from climate, sunlight exposure is affected by factors such as the skyline, vegetation,
overhanging branches and close by structures like buildings. You might want to plot a sun chart so
that you can learn just how much sunshine your solar panels can acquire throughout the day. If there
are also several blockages, you may take into account mounting your solar panels on a greater spot
(like your roof) or replace some vegetation with low-lying ones. Even though most modern home
solar power systems are designed to be easy to install for the average home owner, there are quite a
few good reasons to hire a professional solar panel installer to mount your system. Most of these
solar panel installers have years of experience with this type of equipment and can do the job more
professionally and in less time than if you attempted it yourself.
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DIY Installation Isn't Always Cheap
Most home owners think that they can lower the cost of their home solar power system if they do
the installation themselves. With simpler and smaller installations this may be true. In most other
cases a seasoned solar installer can actually save you money by providing all the mounting gear
you'll need as part of their installation price. Because they do a large number of these installations
each month, they are buying these supplies in bulk and purchase them at a far lower cost than you
can find individually. If you contract with a solar installer, they may pass these savings along to you
as part of the installation cost and can save you the time and money of trying to find these mounting
supplies on your own. They will also stay current with newer mounting equipment and techniques
which will help ensure that your solar power system will stay secure and last as long as possible on
your home. Solar Panel Installation Video Tutorial
Avoiding Damaging Your Home
Another consideration in favor of using a professional solar panel installer is the possibility of
damaging your home or your new equipment while installing the system yourself. Most of these
modern solar panels are very fragile and a small bump or drop can severely damage a panel. If you
cause this damage while installing the equipment yourself, your warranty may not cover the panel
and you will have to replace it yourself. A professional solar panel installer will have the experience
to avoid this type of accident and will also have insurance in place for those times when accidents
do happen. All of this will provide the peace of mind of knowing your system is installed safely and
securely on your home.
You Are Eligible for Rebates and other Incentives
Many home owners are entitled to solar rebates and incentives for installing these alternative
energy solutions on their home. Many of these rebates stipulate that the equipment has to be
installed by an experienced and licensed solar installer for the home owner to receive the rebate. If
you choose to install your system on your own, you may save a little money, but will also miss the
opportunity for any rebates that require a professional solar install. To qualify for the rebate you'll
typically need to list the name of the approved solar installer and will also receive a final invoice
from them for the work they have completed. A copy of this invoice will usually be required as part
of the paperwork you submit to the rebate program.
Ensuring Your System Is Up to Code
Finally, all solar power systems need to eventually be connected to your home's solar panel system
to allow you to take advantage of the free power they provide. Even though you have the right to
make this connection yourself, it still has to pass a local electrical inspection before you can use the
system. This connection may be something that you'd rather have a professional solar panel installer
handle as the voltages involved can be dangerous. There may also be specialized connection
terminals and wiring required that you may not have available to you. Having a professional solar
installer make this connection will ensure that it is done according to code and won't present any
shock or fire hazard to you or your family. Solar panel installation might be a little bit difficult task

for many people. It requires careful planning and careful thoughts. The solar panel should be placed
where it will offer the maximum effect, thus offering you the maximum benefit. Photovoltaic panels
depend on the sun light for their power. Solar panel set up requires taking the suns path. House or
building roof is one most common place for solar power panel installation. This is where the suns
rays hit first and where they are most probable to hit entire the day as there is frequently if any
interference between the building roof and the sun. There are many companies which offer a wide
variety of solar panel services. If you are looking for solar panel installation Sydney, make sure do
proper research and choose the best firm. Basically the installation of solar panel can be performed
in two ways.
>> It can be installed as panels directly onto the existing roof structure
>> It can be installed by converting the actual roof into an array of solar panels which is integral
part of the roof
In the majority of cases first method of installation is preferred by individuals. It is easy to perform
and does not cost more. But second method is expensive as compared to the first one. You can
choose any method of solar panel installation as per your convenience. But make sure south facing
of the panel is the best option. Installation requires a lot of space so take care of it.
Hiring the solar panel installer is the best option to install solar panels in an apt manner. Many solar
panel installers are available to assist you. Choosing them is the best option because they are
familiar with the different problems. They have the ability to solve all types of problems. There are
several factors to take into account while setting up solar panels. That factor includes location,
degree, wind direction etc. Yes it is true hiring the professional solar pan-el installers Sydney is the
right decision. After installation they do not require regular maintenance but needs little
maintenance. Solar panels are a convenient option to save money. Today due to several benefits of
the solar power systems are becoming the first choice of thousands of people all over the world.
With the help of the internet people can buy solar panels and hire professional solar panel installers
online just following few easy steps. Solar power nsw save money and environment.
Solar panel installation might be a little bit difficult task for many people. It requires careful
planning and careful thoughts. The solar panel should be placed where it will offer the maximum
effect, thus offering you the maximum benefit. Photovoltaic panels depend on the sun light for their
power. Solar panel set up requires taking the suns path. House or building roof is one most common
place for solar power panel installation. This is where the suns rays hit first and where they are most
probable to hit entire the day as there is frequently if any interference between the building roof and
the sun.
Purchasing solar electric panels is the primary step in the process. Typically, these are mounted on
top of the roof of the house or building. Other people also opt for stand alone facilities, similar to a
tower. The important thing is to situate the panels in a location where the sun can directly hit it.
The solar panels are also commonly referred to as PV or photovoltaic panels. This uses photovoltaic
cells which efficiently converts the energy from the sun to electricity so that it can be used directly.
The solar cells or photovoltaic cells are usually encased within a metal frame which is often made
out of aluminum. These make up the solar panels.
Since the cells are in a metal casing, it can then be easily mounted or clamped on the roof. Common
materials that are needed to have this job done are roof anchors, mounting frame and clamp.

Roof anchors are also made of steel or aluminum. This serves as the base of the mount wherein the
mounting frame will be attached. The mounting frame can be securely attached to the anchors by
using bolts and screws that are designed to keep it steady even if there is wind or rain. The clamps
will ensure that the solar panels are attached properly to the mounting frame. You can choose
between the two types of clamps which are the mid-clamp and end-clap. This will be determined by
the number of solar panels that you would like to install.
Tips for Safe and Effective Solar Panel Installation
How to avoid Making Mistakes Installing your Solar Panels Video Tutorial
Aside from the actual components that are needed for the entire system to work, you might also
need some tools that would aid you in the process of solar panel installation.
Scaffolding can be a good help. This is a steady ladder which will make it easier for you to access
the top of the roof or any stand alone facility. It is more stable to use than the single ladder which
could cause accidents especially when you are carrying tools as you climb up.
Before you even permanently set up your solar panels, make sure that you have done proper
measurements and markings. Survey the spot which is primarily hit by the sun. Make sure that the
panels are facing the right direction.
Attaching the frame is a crucial part. This is done after the anchors have been placed on the roof.
Focus on the strength of the attachment rather than making them perfectly parallel to each other.
Then, set up the PV panels.
Once you have placed the panels properly, start wiring them together. It is important that the wiring
is perfectly connected so that the energy from the sun will not be wasted.
If you are apprehensive about your technical skills when it comes to solar panel installation, it is
best if you seek assistance from professionals. That way, you would avoid wasting your time and
money. You can be ensured that your system will work perfectly too.
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