Solving Equations

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Solving Equations
An equations is a combination of one or more terms separated with equal to "=" symbol. Terms can be
numerical,alphanumerical, expression etc.
Different type of equations.
1.) equations which have solution : In these types of Solving equation we can find the value of variable like a,
b, c.
a.) 5x + y = 12 , 7x - 2y = 21
b.) 2a - 3b = 6 , 5a + b = 10
After solving these two equation we will get the value of x and y.
2.) Equation without solution: An Solving equation which have no solution. Means we can not find the value
of variable.
0 = -2, 0 = 12 ,7=8
Examples: a.) 5a + 4 -7a = 6a +7 - 8a - 5
Step:1. 4 + 5a - 7a = 6a - 8a + 7 - 5
Step:2. 4 - 2a = -2a + 2
Step:3. 2a - 2a = 2 - 4
Step: 4. 0 = -2
Example b.) 7x - 6 = 7x + 6.
Step:1. 7x - 7x = 6 + 6
Step:2. 0 = 12 etc.
For equations with solution,we can solve the equation by the following method.

1)Elimination method
2)Substitution method
3)Graphing method.

Types of algebra equations
Equation is one of the most important calculations in algebra and the most essential concept of math. It
deals mainly with algebraic expressions. There are different types of Solving equation: radical, parabola,
hyperbola, linear, differential, partial differential and quadratic equations. Learn about all these concepts with
our tutor, understand the depth of the topics and get a hold over the whole concept of equations. Below
stated are the different types of algebra equations frequently asked by students and how our tutors help you
make them easier.
Linear equations:
Linear equation is any equation that when graphed produces a straight line.There are various types of
equations; none except linear equations will produce a straight line when graphed. Get help in solving linear
equations and find easy steps to follow.Students can learn about graphing of various equations like the
graph of linear equations also.
Differential equations:
An equation involving one dependent variable and its derivatives with respect to one or more independent
variables is called a Differential Equations. Get help in solving equations, solve equations with easy steps
and be an expert.
Partial differential equations
A partial differential equation is an equation which contains one or more partial derivatives. The order of the
partial differential equation is that of the derivative of highest order in the equations. Connect to a tutor and
work out equations with proper understanding.
Quadratic equations
The equations that are having the highest degree term x2 or second degree are called as Quadratic
Equations. Learn how to solve quadratic Solving equation with an online tutor , and make the topic easy
and intresting.
Radical equations
Radical are also cal ed as roots of an expression.Get help in solving radical expressions and solve with easy
steps and methods.
Parabola equation
A parabola is set of all points in the plane which are equidistant from a fixed line and a fixed point not on the
line.Solve a parabola with graphs and easy steps.
Hyperbola equation
A hyperbola is the set of all points in the plane, the difference of whose distances from two fixed distinct

points is a given positive constant that is less than the distance between the fixed points.
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