Some Essential Facts About Tanzanite Gems

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Some Essential Facts About Tanzanite
What is Tazanite Gems?
The ideal terms which can be used to describe the tanzanite gem will be unique,
gorgeous, blue as well as rare. But what exactly is it? This precious stone is, in fact, a
member of the zoisite group of gemstones and is composed of calcium aluminum
silicate. However, it gets its very own classification due to its rarity as well as sheer
A long time ago, a flat-topped hill
was formed at the base of
Kilimanjaro by metamorphic
rocks. It formed inside this
particular hill and the gemstone
world hasn't been the same again.
The jewelry industry plus the
locals became adoringly obsessed
with the shades of purple as well
as blue present in them. A great
resource for more on these gems
From where does it come?
Sadly, this particular attractive gemstone is available at only one place in the world.
Mine deposits can be found at Kilimanjaro's base in the Merelani Hills inTanzania.
Because of this, they are very rare, especially huge stones and stones of outstanding
quality. Be quick to snatch it up in case you are able to get hold of this precious stone.
You are going to pay for it; however, it will be worthwhile to obtain this rare gem.
Birthstone for December
This seldom occurs, but the American Gem Trade Association, in 2002, named this as
the official birthstone for the month of December. In case you are fortunate enough to
obtain a tanzanite ring for your special birthday, take proper care of it. The stone's
rarity makes it an excellent heirloom.
If your twenty-fourth wedding anniversary is approaching, drop some hints for a
diamond as well as a tanzanite ring. Exactly like birthstones, wedding anniversaries
have unique gemstones attached with them. For the twenty-fourth, it happens to be
this unique gemstone.
How can you care for your gemstone jewelry?
When compared with some other well-known stones for example topaz or ruby, this
particular gemstone is far more delicate. It is relatively soft which is pointed out by
the fact that it rates a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. However, an opal rates just a 5.
Therefore never use harsh chemical substances to clean up a tanzanite necklace or
even place it in an ultrasonic cleaner. Gentle soap plus warm water is certain to get the
job accomplished. Soak it and then polish this using a very soft towel.
The history
The discovery of this particular stone took place in 1967. A Maasai tribesman
observed a twinkling on the top of a low hill at Kilimanjaro's base. Tiffany & Co.
reputed New York jewelers, named it after Tanzania, its country of origin. The
jeweler started to sell tanzanite earrings, tanzanite necklaces and much more in 1968.
The color blue had been adored by the tribes in Tanzania and only those females who
bore babies could put it on. The Maasai tribesmen offer this particular gem to their
spouses once they have a child. It safeguards the infant and also respects the mother.
This particular gemstone is very special in its different shades of bluish-purple. It
certainly makes a fashionable as well as a stylish piece of jewelry well suited for all
events. It is uncommon as well as universal. You can definitely enjoy the elegance of
a tanzanite necklace even though you weren’t born in December since this stone really
belongs to everybody.