Some Hidden Features In iOS 5 Application Development

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Some Hidden Features In iOS 5
Application Development
iOS 5 comes up with lots of good features and all these features are announced officially by Apple. But
there are some other secretes held by iOS 5 application development which let OS to do things it was
never intended to do. Let's see some hidden gems and tweaks to iOS 5 that may surprise you.

Panorama Camera Mode
One of the iOS developers reported on a way to turn on panoramic mode for picture taking without
have to jailbreak your device. The process involves using a backup program, iBackupBot, to edit and add
a line or two of code in a system file. Some iOS devices are crashing while using this newly activated
mode, but there are plenty of reports come as they successfully taken photo in this wider mode and
they were extremely wide photos.

Autocorrect Keyboard Bar
Apple has hidden a suggested autocorrect bar for onscreen keyboard because it looks like an awful
something you will find on an Android device. It lists possible corrections for mistakes performed on
typing on just above the keyboard. If you want to avoid it you are to use iBackupBot again to make some
changes to the code.

Hidden 3D
It is obvious that Apple is one of the backers of WebGL, a standard for rendering 3D objects on the web.
Apple has promised to support WebGL in iOS 5 but only in advertisement. But recently an Australian
developer find out that how to render 3D object in iOS 5 application development and outside of ad
frames, with the help of 3rd party APIs. This means developer could theoretically add 3D objects to new
iOS apps. It is another thing that Apple approves it or not in App store.

Restoring iPad Multi-touch Feature
When you upgrade your iPad to the iOS 5 then you will lost the multi-touch gesture. This is because
Apple has introduced this feature for iPad 2 especially. Fortunately a coder at came up
with a fix to restore this capability without jailbreak the device.

Tweet through Siri
You can tweet through Siri on Twitter.