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A Few Great Reasons to Explore the Seychelles
When staying in one of the many hotels in the Seychelles the temptation is to just kick
back and relax, never venturing far. This is a shame however, as the region has so much
to discover. This article takes a look at a few of the reasons to get out and about in the
Beautiful Beaches
Just about all of the islands in the Seychelles boast their own set of spectacular beaches
and no matter the resort you'll be within walking distance of one. You shouldn't limit
yourself to just the one though, with the region sporting hundreds of beaches there's a
great variety to discover. From great snorkelling beaches to stunning sandy bays,
exploring the regions beaches is an excellent way to spend some time.
Island Hopping
As with the beaches the Seychelles is made up of over 100 islands, meaning there are
plenty of destinations to explore. Hopping from island to island will allow you to
experience the best of the region; whether it's the bird colonies on Bird Island, the
stunning wildlife on Desroches Island, the beautiful forests on Praslin, or the diving on
offer off the coast of Mahe, there really is something for everyone. Island hopping is also
a great way to escape the crowds, with a number of small, uninhabited, islands available
as a destination.
Scuba diving
The Seychelles region is famous for having some of the most stunning dive sites in the
world, making it the ideal destination for any scuba enthusiast. You don't have to be an
experienced diver to get the most of the regions waters either, with beginner diving
schools on both Mahe and Praslin. If you want to experience the regions sea life, but
don't feel up to diving, the other option is to try your hand at snorkelling, a great way to
experience the aquatic realm just beneath the waves
Sailing charters
Our final great Seychelles activity is taking to the waters to sail around the region.
There's no better way to take in the islands mix of granite rock formations, beautiful
beaches, azure waters and swaying palm trees. The freedom of chartering your own boat
also means you can stop off anywhere that takes your fancy, whether it's the regions
beaches or the capital city Victoria. Hiring a chartered yacht couldn't be easier either,
with a range of trips on offer, from one or two days to a week long tour of the islands.
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