Some Wonderful 'Must-Have' Android Apps

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Some Wonderful 'Must -Have' Android Apps

In this modern society where communication is done frequently, it
becomes necessary to have trustworthy tools. And there are array of
possibilities in the Android platform. You can work more easily, rapidly
and efficiently with the Android apps which are extremely innovative,
useful and entertaining and has the ability to engage any age group of
people.Few of the tools stand out as essential and invaluable to the
individual with uninterrupted connection.
You won't be able to take full advantage if you are not having these
following amazing apps installed in your smartphones. Here you go with
the short list of such apps:


It is an internet streaming radio station for the Android users who love
music. It is just a perfect app for those who use their smartphones as a
music system, as this app brings life to all your musical fantasies. This
app has the ability to create personalized, personal radio stations. As in
the search box you can enter the songs or artist's name you want it to
play and for all the day long it will play the similar ones which you have
Google voice

With this amazing app you can access your text messages on the internet,
can call a number as well as can hear your voice mails. You can make
calls using your smartphones and at that point of time you can make it
look like that you are making calls from your Google Voice number.
Amazon Kindle

This app is all about reading, reading book anytime is a pleasant
experience using this app.


This is a utility app ever created by the team of Android Application
Development because it is easy to save data format or scrap of
information in audio. Also can search for any relevant data and allows
you to take all types of notes. And the important thing is that it has the
ability to synchronize your data with all other machines as well.
Google Sky Map

This app is actually very entertaining as well as innovative as it allows
you to see and understand the night skies as well. You just have to point
your smartphone at the sky and you will discover that what star or planet
you are viewing at.

Get Glue

This is a social app which will allow you to check-in whatsoever media
you are presently consuming. Here it will let you share the music you are
listening to, a movie, video games and many more. And unlike earning
badges like other apps, it will let you earn stickers.

If you are very much fond of taking pictures into your smartphone and
want to share what you are eating, drinking or any other task with your
friends then you must have this app.
Yes, there is stupendous Development in Android App and there are a
great number of apps available in the Android Market, which are for fun
as well as useful. But above listed apps are truly invaluable which you

must download.