Sore Penis – Top 5 Causes and Treating Common Penis Health Problems

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Sore Penis - Top 5 Causes and Treating Common
Penis Health Problems
What many men don't realize is that, while some penis problems are serious and should be treated by a
medical professional, many common penis issues can be treated, or even prevented, by knowing penile
health tips, using care, cleanliness and, in some cases, applying a penis creme containing penis
vitamins and minerals. Most health reports indicate that men are often uncomfortable talking with their
doctors about penis health problems, electing to deal with pain or discomfort rather than endure the
embarrassment of discussing penis issues, such as a sore penis, with a health care provider. Five of the
most common causes of a sore penis are described here, along with hints for keeping the penis skin
smooth, supple and healthy.
1. Frequent masturbation or aggressive sex - Rough handling is one of the primary reasons that
most men experience a sore penis from time to time. Vigorous sexual activity or masturbation,
especial y without proper lubrication, can leave the penis skin sore and sensitive for days.
Ensuring that the skin is properly moisturized and wel -nourished through the use of cremes
containing penis nutrients such as vitamins A and D can help to al eviate the soreness caused by
friction and promote overal healthy, attractive penile skin.
2. Dry penis skin - Dry and flaking skin of the penis can often lead to soreness if left untreated. Dry
skin can occur as the result of friction from sex or from sensitivity to certain cleansers and the
spermicides that are often found in condoms. Treating the skin with a moisture-rich formula (shea
butter is often recommended by dermatologists for sensitive penis skin) can help to keep the skin
smooth and supple and to retain its natural hydration.
3. Penis rash - Penis rash, which may result from dry skin, sensitivity to chemicals such as soaps
or spermicides, or fungal infections, may cause soreness, itching and discomfort. Boosting the
body's natural immune ability through treatment with a nutrient-rich penis creme containing
vitamins C and B5 can increase resistance to infection and al ow the skin to heal quickly after
minor surface damage.
4. Infections of the penis skin - Minor infections of the skin are common, especial y in the warm,
moist environment of the genital area. Bacterial and fungal infections can lead to inflammation,
causing a sore penis that is tender to the touch. Keeping the skin moisturized can prevent smal
fissures from forming in the outer dermal layer which may al ow harmful bacteria to enter; vitamin-
rich penis treatments that moisturize and protect are recommended for maintaining a healthy

5. Peyronie's disease - Over time, masturbation, sex, and minor injuries to the skin may result in a
buildup of scar tissue under the outer dermal layer of the penis skin, which can cause the penis to
bend or curve whenever an erection occurs. This condition, known as Peyronie's disease, can
lead to a sore penis and discomfort during sex. Although there is no known cure for this
unpleasant problem once it develops, men of al ages may prevent it from occurring by keeping
the penis skin in top condition through the use of penis-specific nutrients that work to prevent
minor damage to the delicate dermal tissue of the penis.
Preventing sore penis and other penis health problems
In order to prevent common penis issues such as sore penis, dry and flaking skin, infections, rash, and
other uncomfortable penis problems, it is important to maintain an overal healthy lifestyle, exercising
regularly, consuming a nutritious diet, and practicing good hygiene. Men should also be selective in their
choice of sexual partners and use appropriate protection during sex.
In addition, treating the skin with a nutrient-rich penis health creme (most health professionals
recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is formulated with penis-specific vitamins and minerals on a daily basis
can help to ensure that the penis skin stays smooth, supple, and responsive to stimulation.
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