Soy – Can Make Longer Lasting Tires

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Surprise? Happy? Stupefied? I know that's how I felt
seeing the headline of one of the articles of entitled Goodyear turning to soy to make
longer lasting tires.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber is working on a new
technology that can help make its tires less expensive to
produce and last longer and it involves something that
the U.S. has plenty of - soybeans.

I thought -- how can soy extend the tread life of a tire?
If this is true - people should read this good news.
Goodyear researchers have done a good job on this

Goodyear researchers have found that using soybean oil in the
manufacturing process can extend the tread life of tires and
significantly reduce the amount of petroleum required, up to seven
million gallons each year for the company as a whole. Adding soy to
rubber compounds in tire production, the company says, has proven to
improve the mixing process, and creates a better rubber compound. The
soy helps the rubber blend easier with the silica, a basic component of
ordinary beach sand and an integral tire ingredient.

Consumers benefit through improved tread life, Goodyear gains with
increased efficiency and energy savings and we all win whenever there
is a positive impact on the environment. said Jean-Claude Kihn,
Goodyear's chief technical officer, in a statement.

Goodyear, as we all know is the best tire manufacturer in North America.
With this discovery, they are not only adding quality tires to their
inventory but they are adding credits to their existing good reputation. A
toast for them!!! People will surely benefit from this. One thing to wait
though - are they selling this lesser or far more expensive than their
regular tires in the market??? One question we sure want to know, right

Well, we have that to look forward to since this will be
launched hopefully in 2015 yet.

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