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How to Speed Up Boot Time in Windows
A recurring complaint among PC users is the slowness at system startup no matter in which
version of Windows. Sometimes when booting Windows 7 is so slow, you can almost write a
book while waiting.
Most performance problems are caused by a lack of computer maintenance. Installed new
programs that are on the computer forever, no one uses them. I downloaded and installed
the software from the internet, we do not know who developed or if this software is
reliable and of good quality. In short, the computer is increasingly dirty and key elements in
the system, such as the Windows registry, is full of errors and contains many settings. The
system works with older drivers, etc. Therefore, clean up registry, programs and upgrade
drivers are good ways to speed up boot time.
There are also programs that can help speed up computer startup, for example the
Amigabit PowerBooster. Amigabit PowerBooster will perform pc maintenance alone, also

has the ability to optimize and speed up PC. I advise to download this tool, besides, it is
How to speed up computer startup in Windows 7
At the time that Windows is pulling a lot of activity there, since Windows is not the only
program that starts when you boot the computer. There are many services also start up
when you boot computer.
Each program must consult the Windows Registry in order to boot. Each program asks the
CPU time for the system to start the program. There is a lot of hard drive activity, because
ultimately everything is stored there. The key is that these elements: the Windows Registry
and hard drive are clean and have no errors. When you have faults, there will always be
problems of income. I advise you to control these elements and clean them to speed up
boot time.