Speed up Your Website Using these Three Simple Tips

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Speed up Your Website Using these Three Simple Tips
If you open a website and it doesn't load immediately, what do you do? Do you wait for it to
display its contents completely? Or do you ditch it and click a different search result? If you're
the impatient type, you're not alone. Most internet users wil notspend more than five seconds
waiting for a website to load. No kidding! That's shorter than the attention span of a goldfish.
With a goldfish you'l have at least nine seconds before its attention darts off somewhere else.
But with an average internet user, you only have five seconds. So how do you make the most
out of these five golden seconds of web user engagement? The number one rule is: Speed up
your website's loading time.
Start by knowing your current loading time. Belonging to the top 25% of websites with the
fastest loading time is your goal. So, if your loading time belongs to the 75% that crawls at a
snail's pace, here are helpful and easy-to-follow tips for a faster website loading time:
Find a compromise between video quality and loading time. People love watching videos. All
they have to do is hit the play button and they'l get the information they need. Compared to
reading lengthy articles, a lot of people consider watching videos the easier route. However,
when it comes to video, the better the quality is, the "heavier" it is. So, if you're using videos in
your website, consider lowering the quality to make it lighter. If it's not meant to be displayed in
wide screens, you don't need to upload the full HD version of it.
Use compressed JPEG images. PNG and BMP images slow you website. Their file sizes are
unnecessarily huge. As a result, they load slower and take up a lot of space. So, trim down your
images and use JPEG as your image format. Moreover, if you're website features multiple
images, consider using thumbnails in your landing page instead of displaying all of them in high-
resolution all at once. If you're current web design is heavy on images, contact Biz Boost Pros
for reliable web design services in Greensboro and they'l set everything right.
Switch to a different web hosting plan. Ensure that you have a wide bandwidth. You'l need
more especially if your site receives a huge number of visitors and if you offer downloads.
A quick loading time is just one of the many factors your website needs to have in order to make
it on the top of search results. To make sure you cover everything, get quality SEO services in
Greensboro from Biz Boost Pros.