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Your kitchen is one of the most important places in your home; your family member’s health
somehow is dependent on how your kitchen’s condition is and how clean you keep it.
You can hire commercial cleaners to clean up your kitchen but that is not going to h appen
every day, and your kitchen needs cleaning almost every day.
Every kitchen appliance you use requires an extensive cleaning regime as well. Dirty kitchen
appliances are a filled with germs and bacteria and if you keep using them without cleaning,
that may cause digestion problems, nausea, food poisoning and a lot more.
One of the most extensively used kitchen appliance is the dishwasher. Even though it is used
to clean your dishes, it requires a thorough cleaning as well. People think since you are
washing your dishes inside it, it is getting a clean-up along with that, but that is wrong.
Cleaning them once in a while is certainly helpful for keeping your house clean.
Majority of the food particles most of the times get stuck on the dishwasher walls and racks
that could not escape with water. This food accumulation gives out foul smell and allows
germs to grow Thus, cleaning up is essential to maintain hygiene of your kitchen.
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Here are few tips to keep your kitchen dishwasher absolutely clean and well maintained:
• After cleaning your dishes inside it do not close the dishwasher immediately, the
dampness in side will make it worse. Keep your dishwasher’s door open for at least 20
minutes to dry up to some extent.
Search the insides properly to find out any food stuck inside its walls or racks, and take
them out. Scrape off any food deposition with the back of a spoon, never use a knife.
Make a mixture of vinegar, soda bicarbonate, and toothpaste, add a bit of water, and
sprinkle this mixture on the racks and walls of your dishwasher. Use a soft cloth to rub off
stains with it. The mixture is perfect to do this job no doubt.
If your dishwasher is giving off a foul smell, sprinkle some baking soda and spray lime
water mixed with water and let that mixture be in the washer for 15 minutes. This will allow
the smell to go away. Use a cloth or wipe off the mixture from the racks.
You can take baking soda in a cup and keep it inside the washer for a day and let it soak up
the odor.
You can use lukewarm water once a week to clean the insides. Soak a light cloth in the
water mix some detergent in the water and rub off stains and food inside the dishwasher.
This may be the easiest way to clean your dishwasher. If you are not doing any of the
procedures mentioned above, then do this every day to clean after washing the dishes.
Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned tips you can never end up with an unhygienic dirty
dishwasher every again. You may also avail the services of commercial cleaners and keep
your kitchen clean.
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