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Armpits4August is a month long charity event starting this year, in August 2012.
Participants wil grow underarm hair for one month, and get friends and family to sponsor them to raise
PCOS is something a lot of women have, but it's hardly ever talked about. A
common symptom of PCOS can be hirsutism (excessive hair growth), so by growing
our body hair we are working towards having pride in our body hair, not shame.
Armpits4August wil provide a stimulus and safe space to discuss women's often
complicated, emotional, or embarrassing experience of body hair. We believe the
shame a lot of women feel about their body hair is a consequence of living in a
society that regulates, controls and dictates that women's bodies must conform to
incredibly narrow beauty standards. This creates a physical y, social y, and mental y
damaging image of what is `natural' - an image that turns out to be no more than
an idea. There is no standard, universal, typical - let alone `normal' - pattern of body
hair for women. The money raised wil go to Verity.