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Spray Tanning Facts
Many fair-skinned women desire to have a copper-toned skin tone and by achieving this, you will
need sun exposure. With the growing tested and seen dangers of UV ray exposure, sun tanning is
not an option; however, there is still hope. This innovation is named "Sunless Tanning ".For this
approach, you can choose to use tanning lotions, gels, mousses, sun bed or the most popular
tool, spray tanning.
The basic ingredient of spray tanning is really a substance called DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It is a
form of sugar that hails from a seed source. It's approved by FDA (Federal Drug Administration). It
reacts with proteins present in the dead cells of our skin. The skin we have is comprised of two
layers: the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (inner layer). It's in the epidermis where the
action takes place. Once the DHA adheres with the skin cells, a shade change happens providing
you a tan, but, everyday, those dead skin cells sloughs off for new cells to look and the tan occurs
with it. That is exactly why the sun-kissed color spray tans fades gradually. Approximately, the tan
will last in just a week.
Spray tanning is generally done in salons but when you don't want to spend much, spray tanning
can be carried out at home. Just obtain a spray tan can and you are able to do it yourself once
you learn how to. But when you don't want blotches in your skin layer, there are basically two
techniques for getting a Spray tan. You are able to choose from spray tanning booths or get an
airbrush tan.
Spray tanning booths work by emitting fine mist of tanning solution. Usually, you are able to opt to
wear a dark-colored two-piece swimwear while undergoing the procedure, if you never want to be
unclothed. It takes merely a moment to finish the process. Afterwards, you towel-off excess
solution. After about an hour or two, the result of spray tanning will take its effect. On another
hand, airbrush tan is performed manually by an experienced tanning technician. In this method,
the technician can make sure that there will be no spots missed through the spray tanning. You
can take a shower about 4 hours after the session.
With every process come benefits and side effects. Here are a few benefits that you can get from
spray tanning:
1. ACCESSIBILITY. You can get a tan whenever you like and wherever you are. That is very
beneficial for people who are now living in places with cold climates wherein sunlight barely rises.
2. AVAILABILITY. You are able to choose among a wide variety of spray tan colors, but be
cautious in selecting the most appropriate shade for your skin. That you do not wish to be an
orange lady walking down the street. It is vital to require suggestions from a spray tanning
technician or you can apply a small amount of means to fix an integral part of your skin layer to try
what's best for you.
3. LESS STAIN. Unlike wet sunless tans like lotions, gels and mousses, spray tanning dries up
much faster leaving your clothes less stains.
4. BETTER RESULTS. Doing spray tanning is a lot better than applying tanning creams and
lotions, because it doesn't leave streaks and blotches on your skin.
5. STAYS LONGER. Wet tanning solutions like lotions can only just last for 2-3 days while spray
tanning can last up to a week or maybe more according to reaction of your skin.
A number of the side effects though are the following:
1. SKIN CONDITIONS. DHA is a sugar component that could trigger a hypersensitive reaction to
skin causing irritations, allergies or drying-up of the skin. It is way better to consult a dermatologist
first before undergoing the treatment.
2. LUNG PROBLEMS. Spray tanning releases mists and this might be dangerous to individuals
with sensitive lungs like people that have asthma and other breathing disorders. It is advised to
just hold your breath for at least 30 seconds or you need to use a nose filter throughout the
session. The process will just take awhile.
3. COSTLY. As stated, the perfect solution is can just only work for a week and needs re-
application for maintenance. You have to have a stable income for you really to achieve that.
4. SUNBURN. Some spray tans don't provide protection from the harmful UV rays from the sun.
So, better make use of a product with sunscreen inside to avoid sunburn.
5. ORANGE HANDS. Home application of spray tans might be complex especially for those who
aren't an expert in the treatment. You can find stains in the hands if you're not doing it properly.
You can use gloves or rather let someone get it done for you personally, preferable a skilled
tanning technician to prevent those scary orange hands.
Disasters in spray tanning can occur but you can avoid it by exfoliating first when you go for a
session. Do your waxing and shaving ahead of tanning. Avoid using perfumes, lotions, deodorants
or any cosmetics during the therapy for it may alter the results of spray tanning. You should also
rehydrate your skin layer by normal water a lot to prevent dryness.
Achieving a perfect spray tan will be a great assist in boosting your confidence, but you must first
get to master the "know-how's" to have a great tanned skin.