stairlift installations, repairs and maintenance

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stairlift installations, repairs and maintenance
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stairlifts services
with 1 year warranty. This is designed for authorities who prefer to purchase on an ad-hoc basis
with additional warranty that suits local purchasing requirements.

5. It is proposed that the Council enters into a contract for packages 1 and 2.

Tender process

6. Under the original procurement process a Virtual Project Board was set up and led by Essex
County Council Procurement to develop and consult with all authorities and interested parties
(occupational therapists, etc) within Essex.
7. A contract notice was placed on the Official Journal of the European Union inviting tenders.

8. Suppliers were asked to submit details of their company in terms of safety, quality and
reliability, reuse of equipment, cost savings, partner relationships and customer care.

is no longer required it is removed, stored, and prepared for recycling by the

Work package 2

A repair and maintenance contract that covers all new and existing stock, where an authority has
different types of lifts from multiple suppliers.

Work package 3

A supply of single new or recycled
with associated electrical installation, all covered by a 10 year warranty 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year (excluding bank holidays). When the
in the homes of eligible disabled tenants following a need being identified through an assessment
carried out by a qualified occupational therapist. This equipment and its ongoing maintenance is
funded though a capital budget for the installation and revenue budget for the repairs and

2. Under current arrangements the Council contracts with Stannah Lift Services Ltd for the
installations and Caretech for the ongoing repairs, maintenance and servicing, and these
contracts have been awarded under the ESPO framework agreement.

3. In order to achieve better value for money Essex County Council and 14 district and borough
councils "appointed" the Essex Procurement Agency to procure a supply and service agreement
with a single lift company that would provide

best value over a 10 year period.

4. The contract is broken into 3 packages of works to take into account varying Local Authority
requirements and to cater for existing contracts ending at different times. These contracts are:

Work package 1

A one off payment which covers the cost of supplying a new or recycled
repairs and maintenance of stairlifts
the County Council Framework Agreement and seek authority to award the contract.

1. Approve the award of a contract to Stannah Lift Services Ltd under the Essex County Council
Framework Agreement for housing stairlift repairs and ongoing maintenance .

2. To commit to spend up to 250k for 2012/13 through this contract from within existing Housing
Capital Programme and Housing Revenue Account budget forecasts for disabled adaptations.

Corporate and service priorities

The report helps to meet the corporate priority Decent housing for all and the service plan priority
"To improve the councils housing stock through a programme of upgrades and maintenance".

Budget implications

To be financed from existing budgets within the Housing Capital Programme and
Housing Revenue Account. The proposed contract sum does represent a saving of
30,000 annually (150,000 over the term of the contract). Spend in future years will be covered
within the Councils budget process and there is no contractual commitment in terms of volumes.

1. The council pays for the installation,