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Star Wars: Retribution is a purely fan made novel based on Star
Wars; it was inspired by a group of friends that met up together on
the internet. Al historical stories and events of the novel are based
on the timeline established by the Project Team. Al characters
created belong to their reprehensive and respected
owners/creators. All work done on this novel belongs to the
members of the Project team. Special thanks to all our great friends
who contributed and to your great personalities and imagination,
may our time we spent never be forgotten.


Writer: Liam O’Druma

Editor: Vincent Lee

Illustrated by: Jordan Frye

Published by: Vincent Lee

Chapter Index

Prequel – Exodus: 1

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars: Retribution

Revolt! The Galaxy is in peril, Chaos erupts everywhere. Order 66 has
been given following to the fall of the Galactic Republic and the
Birth of the new Dreaded Galactic Empire. Jedi all over the galaxy
are being hunted, a new Resistance is born as countless star systems
join to preserve the Old Republic in a fight against the Empire.

Outnumbered and outmatched, word reaches the resistance of a
kaminoan-clone rebellion against the Empire. The leader of the
Resistance, Max Stratos accompanied by a group of clones loyal to
him boldly travels to kamino, the center of the former production
facility for the military might of the Republic in hopes of re-
establishing a new cloned army to counter against the Tyranny of
the Galactic Empire.

Betrayed by the very leader they once served, a former Separatist
Admiral, Illidan Septimus poised on revenge and determination to
keep the confederacy alive is caught in a deadly ambush. As
countless others across the known galaxy from the former Galactic
Republic to the Confederacy of Independent Star Systems begin to
prepare to mobilize and rally their remaining forces in a common
goal to fight for their existence, the Galaxy is once again plunged
into War. Leaving the fate of the galaxy and its countless worlds into
the unknown future, a new Era Begins...............

Star Wars: Retribution

- Mos Eisley, Tattooine

The twin suns glared down over a bustling desert town, raking light over
the dusty streets brimming with chattering crowds, the monotonous chatter was
pierced by a single shot. The groups of people cried out in fear and fled,
revealing in the middle of the market square a squad of Imperial stormtroopers.
The troopers proceeded towards a nearby space dock, unhindered through the
empty streets, the only sound being the crackle of the captain's helmet as he
barked " weapons free squad, remember what we're here for, you see a Jedi,
blast him!" The troopers advanced at a cautious pace, yet barely a few steps
before the captain heard the snap-hiss of a lightsaber and the cry of a trooper,
he wheeled around to see two of his troopers on the floor with smoking holes in
their chests, a tal robed figure held a blue lightsaber in a high grip, the captain
didn’t hesitate and fired a burst at the Jedi as his remaining troopers spun around
and fol owed suit, the Jedi swiftly batted back the bolts and danced graceful y
between the barrages, spinning around to decapitate one trooper and whirling
his saber in an arc, slashing through the abdomen of another. The captain cursed
to himself as he paced backwards firing as he did, the Jedi simply caught the
bolts on his blade and deflected them into the face of the last trooper,
advancing on the captain, the Jedi twirled his saber and slashed at the captains
rifle before whirling around and shearing his helmet off, the captain staggered
back, his face identical to a once famous bounty hunter, he spat at the Jedi and
fumbled for his pistol, but not quickly enough as the blade slid into his heart, he
col apsed without a sound. The Jedi barely glanced at his fal en foe before
shutting off his saber and departing the square, quickly walking to the space
dock, he proceeded down the long hal way before reaching dock 32, he flicked
his hand and the door slid open, revealing a battered and aged republic shuttle.
The Jedi removed his hood, revealing a grim, heavily set and battle scarred face.


Tantus Patronus had not always been forced to travel as a fugitive, but since the
emperor's infamous Order 66, his kind had been ruthlessly persecuted, hunted
down and murdered in cold blood, so many of his friends had fal en at the
temple, he had always regretted not being there at the time, but Tantus had
vowed to survive the purges and continue forth in the name of the Jedi order.
One day, his kind would return, even if they had to wait for mil ennia. Tantus had
been a general in the clone wars, he had fought hard alongside his men and
never doubted their loyalty, he had never liked fighting, but he knew that
sometimes the Jedi were forced to do unpleasant things to ensure peace and
prosperity. It was only after those dark days he had questioned his effectiveness
as a Jedi, he had left the republic worlds seeking solace, yet for the past few
years he had come to realise there was no peace in hiding and fleeing, now he
had decided to rebuild the Jedi, even if it cost him his life.

The ramp of the shuttle squeaked as it lowered to al ow Tantus entry, he
ascended and made his way to the cockpit before slumping in the pilot's seat
exhaustedly, 'Tattooine is definitely not a place to be if you’re not a black market
crook' he thought to himself as he reached for the holoprojector and flicked it on,
the projector flickered before flashing as a man in clone trooper armour stepped
into view, "master Patronus, it is good to see you again" the man said jovial y, "and
you captain Dergo" Tantus replied, "It seems you were right about the outer
worlds, the empire has even thrown it's pawns into the scum sectors!". "It was
rather expected at Tattooine don't you think?" the captain asked wryly "I suppose
it was rather foolish to think i could bring the padawans here" Tantus admitted,
"Not to worry, I’m not the only trooper that hasn't been brain washed, you should
come to Kamino" Dergo replied enthusiastical y, "Dergo, have you lost your mind?
Kamino is practical y the Empire's left lung!" Tantus exclaimed; "Do me a favour
Tantus, come to Kamino, i think you wil find the natives aren't too happy with the
Emperor, plus there's someone at Kamino you should see". "Who?" asked Tantus,
surprised, "Our company leader, Stratos, he's decided we're going to hit back at
the Empire, we've got the clone tanks, it's our chance now" grinned the captain,
"I'm on my way!" Tantus smiled.


- Tipoca City, Kamino

The endless storms lashed the metal buildings with a ferocious amount of
rain, the wind shrieked as the underlying seas rol ed back and forth. Upon the
metal platforms in the planet's capital sat aged cloning facilities. In an
observation tower, two clone troopers manned a mounted turret whilst huddled
under the scant protection of a tarpaulin, whilst overlooking a group of clone
troopers making their way through the storm towards them; one of the troopers
reached for his comlink and flicked it on. "Captain, Alpha 2 here", "What have
you got for me Alpha 2?" asked Dergo, "General Stratos and his men are here"
replied the trooper, "excellent" said Dergo happily, "anything else to report?",
"nothing out there sir, just freezing rain" the trooper complained, "Now, Now, we
can't have that, i need you nice and alert in case the Empire arrives" the captain
rebuked, "Dergo out". Dergo, pocketed his comlink and turned to greet the
General, Max Stratos cut an impressive figure in his battered Arc clone armour, he
looked the part of a soldier, and was known for it, he had served alongside the
famed Arc Troopers and Republic Clone Commandos during their tour of
Geonosis and had earned himself a huge amount of recognition and respect
from numerous campaigns against the CIS during the clone wars, he was loved
and well respected by his men. Stratos was a valiant and strong hearted warrior
who would always be at the forefront of his men in battle, he had sworn to
uphold the republic's values during the war, it was hardly surprising to Dergo, that
after the formation of the Empire Stratos had broken away from the military and
had promised to do al he could to destroy the Empire and it's accursed master;
now he and his men had come to kamino after hearing the kaminoans
denounce the empires actions, in an effort to gain favour with the locals and re-
create the clone army, loyal to the republic.

Dergo saluted to the General, who nodded appreciatively, "How's it going
captain Dergo?" Stratos asked, "Pretty good sir" the captain smiled "The
Kaminoans have given us use of these cloning facilities since you last spoke to
them, our technicians have got it figured out, plus it turns out the locals kept a
little private army for themselves", "Have they indeed?" Stratos raised an eyebrow,


"that is most good news", "It gets better sir", Dergo replied with a grin, "Master
Patronus is on his way to meet us". At that, Stratos cracked a wide smile, for he
had been a close friend of Tantus's during the clone wars and had remained in
contact with him even after order 66, "Even better captain" Stratos chuckled. At
that moment, a large boom deafened the troopers in the room as the ground
rocked, "what was that!?" shouted Dergo, "the Empire" Stratos replied, a glazed
look in his eye, "captain assemble the men, get whomever you can outside and
ready to repel imperial forces and someone get on the holo to the Kaminoans"
commanded the general, as his men scurried outside he fol owed whilst un-
slinging his own DLT-20A long-range rifle from his back. A grim scene met the
troopers at the entrance, shards of twisted metal lay scattered over the platform,
along with fragments of the armour of the two troopers who had formerly
manned the observation tower, the men hurried along a connecting bridge
whilst loading up their DC-15A blaster rifles, some cursed as TIE fighters screamed
overhead, fol owed by Imperial dropships. Stratos and his troopers reached the
central platform and took positions behind the low barriers as the dropships
reached the far end of the platforms, through his sights, Stratos could see white
figures advancing across two different platforms in an attempt to flank his men,
noticing the dropships rising, Stratos smiled to himself and took aim at the cockpit
of one, as the storm troopers began to engage his men, he took a quick breath
and pul ed the trigger, he needed no confirmation of a hit as the dropship swung
downwards and smashed into the midst of its own troopers, tearing through the
bridge and plummeting to the dark oceans beneath. The surprised stormtroopers
at the forefront were quickly put down by the powerful rifles of his men, more
troopers poured across the remaining bridge, their blasters spitting angry lasers at
the clones, Stratos ducked his head as a salvo of lasers crashed against the
barrier and flashed by the space his head had been, he quickly popped back up
and let rip with his rifle, the powerful lasers making short work of the Imperials
armour, from within the advancing cluster shot out several shoulder fired rockets,
they screeched towards the middle and right of the barrier, exploding with such
force his men were flung black, some in pieces. "Blast!" Stratos cursed, the lapse in
defence al owed the stormtroopers to draw far too close for comfort, 'they wil
break our lines if they get any closer' Stratos realised as he and his remaining
troops forced the Imperials to take cover with suppressive fire, some were not
quick enough to take cover and were promptly shot through the barrage of


lasers. Al of a sudden a hail of lasers flashed from the platform adjacent to the
stormtroopers, cutting them down with ease, the remaining troopers panicked
and attempted to pul back to safer ground where more Imperials were now
massing, Stratos laughed to himself, 'cowards' he thought as he shot a trooper
carrying a rocket launcher, the trooper fell and the launcher blasted it's rocket
into a nearby power unit, the unit let out a colossal explosion that ripped apart
the platform, shredding the troopers as the platform col apsed into the sea.
Stratos ordered his men to pul back to the facility, making use of the space
between them and Imperial reinforcements.

Upon their dash back to the front of the cloning facility they were met by other
clone troopers in shining phase I style armour with green stripes, Stratos nodded to
the Commander of the group, "Thanks for the help, I take it your the kaminoans'
troops?", the commander gave a single nod in response, his helmet crackled as
he spoke "perhaps it would be best if we hunker down here, the Imperials wil be
massing for a final effort at this facility, we have portable turrets, rockets and
plenty of ammunition", Stratos gave his thanks and as the troopers set about
taking positions once more he turned to one of his lieutenants, "Where is captain
Dergo?" he asked. "Captain Dergo was kil ed by the rocket assault sir" the trooper
replied angrily, Stratos cursed "We always avenge our brothers, the Empire wil
pay for the good captain's life, and for betraying us". Lightning flashed as the final
barriers were erected, more stormtroopers appeared on the platforms firing at
the troopers, the clones checked their rifles and took aim, Stratos stood at the
front, rifle poised at the head of a storm commander, "FOR THE REPUBLIC!" Stratos
yelled, the troopers roared in unison as a hail of lasers and rockets poured from
the troopers at the Imperials, rockets blasted apart their turrets as lasers cut down
swathe after swathe, the Imperials were forced back by the ferocity of the
defence, more of them being cut down with every shot as they struggled in vain
to avoid the deadly hail of fire from the Republic troopers. Stratos yelled out a
command “Now!!” as the notable Arc Troopers burst through with their deadly
weapons and agile speed gunning down and overrunning the helpless imperials.
Hundreds of stormtroopers fell to the courage and accuracy of the clones, they
began to attempt to retreat back to their dropships, Stratos allowed himself a
smal amount of satisfaction as he shot straight through the helmet of a
stormtrooper. The helmet exploded in a shower of gore as clone rockets blasted


apart the dropships. The remaining stormtroopers desperately shot back, a few
lucky shots pierced the armour of 3 clones, who were quickly carried out of
harm's way by their fellow troopers, in only a few minutes, the last stormtrooper
col apsed clutching at a hole in his chest. Silence reigned for a few moments,
then fol owed up with loud cheers from the troopers as the wind dropped, Stratos
turned to his men, proud soldiers of the republic and grinned, "not a bad start for
the remnants of the republic eh?", the troopers all laughed and cheered.

Calmness descended only a few hours after the brutal conflict, the troopers kept
up a vigilant patrol in the even the Empire would return, their weapons loaded
and ready, the technicians occupied themselves by repairing and replacing old
parts in the computers and clone tanks, in the center of the hub of activity was
Max, who had found himself a chair to sit on, sitting calmly with his arms folded,
Max found his thoughts drifting to the past...

- Citadel, Rhen Var, Clone Wars

"Hold them back!" roared Stratos, before losing off his blaster rifle at a
group of B1 battle droids who had a squad of clones pinned down, the blaster
fire wiped out most of the battle droids before the last was shot by a sniper. The
citadel of Rhen Var was a blistering firestorm of lasers, rockets and explosions, for
weeks the Republic and CIS had fought bitterly over the prized citadel,
whomever control ed the citadel control ed Rhen Var, as both sides believed.
Max and his company had been stationed on Rhen Var for over 4 months, all of
his men found it difficult to be comfortable on an icy planet with hail-fire missiles
constantly bombarding the citadel, but stil they fought on, determined not to be
beaten by the droid armies. "AAT ON THE LEFT! GET DOWN!" screamed a trooper,
as the large hulk of the AAT smashed its way through a wal , it's long powerful
cannon swivelled around to bear on the command center and fired, a massive
explosion shook the citadel as chunks of ice crashed to the ground, leaving a
smoking crater where the centre had been, as troopers moved up it suddenly
turned it's cannons on them, blasting them aside like ragdol s, the large cannon
fired again, resulting in another huge retort and screams of clone troopers as a
defence tower buckled and col apsed, throwing up snow, turret rounds and