Start an Exciting Career in UAE

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Start an Exciting Career in UAE as an IT Specialist
UAE is one of the best employers worldwide with a quick contact to many employers in
information technology. They are numerous IT jobs available in UAE job market.
Types of IT Jobs Available in the UAE
They are numerous IT jobs available in UAE job market which includes:
Computer software engineers- this job entails researching, designing, testing and the
development of networks.
Net work administration-the major responsibilities of a network administrator are the
maintenance of the companies local and wide area networks, intranet and the security
Computer support specialists- the responsibilities of a computer specialist is supporting
the company's information technology guidelines and polices by offering technical
services to the users.
Database administrators -they are responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the
organization database system.
These are some of the IT jobs available in the UAE job markets and they can further be broken
into other roles and responsibilities such as designing, network installation, consultants, project
managers and programmers.

Comparison between IT Jobs in UAE with Other Nations
A huge number of graduates wide worldwide are searching for IT jobs opportunities in the UAE
since the UAE job database is more extensive in the market. They are many reasons associated
with the need to secure job opportunity in UAE and this has led to many foreigners seeking for
the employment opportunities in the UAE.
Advanced technology thus good working conditions as compared to many other countries
It is easy to secure a job in the UAE since jobs are regularly updated and they accept
High attraction of qualified personnel and good working conditions
Huge working benefits including salaries
Government support in the IT developments and innovations
Good climate and social environment for the employees
Perfect selection procedure in the employment sector

Qualification and Other Requirements
In the UAE most of the IT jobs needs a bachelor degree especially in the computer technology.
Candidates with college certificates can still be offered vacancies and learn while doing the job
in some companies where they train as help desk and technical positions. They are numerous
universities that also provide qualified staff in the UAE.
Current Trends and Future Prospects
The UAE employment sector is growing due to the penetration of the technology as well as the
increase in innovations hence very competitive in the market. The job market has also enlarged
due to the boom in the cash inflows at the international market. The UAE is a centre for the
international investment hence has good infrastructure and logistic services. The nation's huge
demand for internet and other related services has also necessitated the huge growth for it and
job demand in the UAE.

Due the good working conditions, many young and energetic youth have found the UAE as one
of the most competitive employer. This is due to good working environment and the good
remuneration offered. There are also chances of growth at the work place and good work
relations and thus more and more people keep on applying mostly online for the IT jobs in the