STD Risks During Pregnancy

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STD Risks During Pregnancy
As stated, women may suffer more health complications than men when it comes to being infected with
sexually transmitted diseases. Women are also faced with more judgments if people find out that she is
infected with STD. Double standards in the society is what makes it difficult for women to face and
deal with STD better. It is doubly hard for a woman to face the situation she is in if she is pregnant.
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Women, regardless of age, nationality or occupation will get infected if they do not protect themselves
from STDs. However, the effects and complications may differ when a woman is pregnant. A pregnant
woman's condition is more sensitive and it needs more attention because it is not only the mother that is
to be protected but also the baby inside her womb. The fact is that STDs contracted during pregnancy
can be life threatening. All women should be aware of the consequences and complications brought
about by the sexually transmitted diseases. Pregnancy has no available protection against sexually
transmitted diseases which makes pregnant women susceptible to the other STDs. This may cause
complications not only to the pregnant woman but more danger to the unborn child.
Health complications for pregnant women may be early onset of labor, premature rupture of the
membranes surrounding the baby in the uterus, and uterine infection after delivery. The disease may
also cause the woman to have cervical and other cancers, chronic hepatitis and pelvic inflammatory
On the other hand, the baby may also suffer different health problems. This is more critical because a
helpless infant does not have that much strength to fight diseases and illnesses. This may put the baby's
life at risk and in danger. Health complications to the baby may be stillbirth, low birth weight,
conjunctivitis, pneumonia, neonatal sepsis, brain damage, motor function disorder, blindness, deafness,
acute hepatitis, meningitis, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.
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Whether pregnant or not, women who are suspecting to be infected with STD should take the action to
have an accurate and reliable STD and HIV testing. It may be conducted in hospitals, health clinics and
STD testing clinics to be done by a doctor or a health specialist. STD testing clinics do not only offer
testing and screening but also treatment and counseling. Treatment for pregnant women may differ
since their condition is more sensitive than those who are not pregnant. Aside from the mother, the
treatment should also be safe for the baby.
STD testing clinics are available to help those who would want to be tested in whatever condition they
are into. If one needs to be tested in private, a private or confidential STD testing may be given. For
fast results, quick or rapid STD testing is offered. The test is done just like how any ordinary lab test is
done. Anybody, whether pregnant or not should make necessary prevention to protect their health and
more importantly the baby, if they are pregnant. The best way to keep a baby safe is by taking care of a
woman's health. Women should give top priority to their health because they are the ones who give life
to little life through pregnancy.