Stephen Crivillaro - Ambitious Entrepreneur

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Stephen Crivillaro - Ambitious
StephenCrivillaro has never lacked ambition and drive in his life. Throughout his youth, Crivillaro
spenthis time focused on his school work while becoming a valuable member of his high school
baseballteam. After graduating from Salesian High School, Stephenwas accepted to Queens Co llege
wherehe majored in Labor Studies and received his bachelor’s degree in 2009. Throughout his time
atthe university, he maintained his grades while playing pitcher and outfielder for the school’s
Thisfocus and dedication throughout his academic and athletic endeavors easily carried over to his
careeras Crivillaro began working as a green energy consultant. During this time, Stephen Crivillaro
workedin se veralco untriesincluding India and Germany.He spent this timeeducating others o n
greenenergy and alternative energy sources as well as promoting green energy products. After
workingin an industry where he knew he was making a difference, Crivillaro discovered his joy for
Aftermoving back to his hometown of New York City, he soon began working in the restaurant
industry.It wasthere that herealized he truecalling inc ustomerse rvice and providing high-quality
optionsfor consumers. This realization led to the opening of his own pizzeria on the lower east end
inNew York City. Years of working for others in restaurants has served Crivillaro well. His restaurant
hasreaped the benefitsof his knowledgeand is now amainstay in t he community.
Servingthe community has alwaysbeen at the forefrontof Crivillaro’s mind. As aformer v olunteer
withthe Bronx Organization for the Learning Disabled (BOLD), he selflessly donated his time to
betterthe less fortunate. The help of volunteers like him aid in the teaching of behavioral and self-
controlskills in children,respite programs for families wit h special needs members,co ordinationo f
Medicaidservices, strategies for ESL (English as asecond language)learning, motor and sensory
development,and improving interpersonal skills with adults and peers.
StephenCrivillaro has always lookedto im provehim self as well as the lives of those around him.
Betteringhimself through education and extracurricular activities were an early stepping stone in his
lifethat has helped him achieve his goals as an entrepreneur today. Now that he has met one of his
keygoals in life of running his own business, Stephen has enjoyed watching his business flourish and
becomea place for co mmunityand fellowship for members of the surrounding area.
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