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Considerations When Designing Your Practice

Many doctors desire to set up their own practice sooner or later. Those who
did establish a practice understand how challenging it is to stay profitable in
this extremely competitive landscape. We are already familiar with the fact
that the quality of services provided, and also the doctor's credentials and
persona are the main variables that
patients consider when choosing a doctor.
But, many healthcare providers forget that
the aesthetics and architecture of their
medical office will also affect how relaxed
patients will feel on their visits, and thus
may have some influence on their decision as to whether they will return for
future care.

Giving some attention to architecture and design doesn't just assure patient
satisfaction, but it can also affect your performance and workflow, and thus
will play a great role on your practice's overall productivity. Whether you're
still thinking about setting up your own practice or already have one of your
own, below are some suggestions on decorating it.

One of the most significant spaces to design in your practice will be the waiting
area. You need to have a waiting room that is both comfy and calming, and can
accommodate your typical volume of visits. You'll probably require a more
spacious waiting area if examinations, procedures or visits are of shorter cycles

or if there are several physicians in the same clinic since you will have more
patients waiting at any given moment.

You should provide adequate seating without crowding your space. It is often
preferable to use benches with individual chairs such as those seen in airports
as patients are not very inclined to sharing a couch. Chairs should be robust
and comfortable. Additionally, be sure to have armless chairs to ensure that
overweight, pregnant or disabled patients can be properly seated as well.

The other important space in your practice is the examination room. The exam
room should be spacious enough to accommodate you, an assistant, the client
and one of their loved ones. You would want to have a room which will allow
for the addition of new apparatus in the future. The examination room should
be adequately lit and gives ample privacy for the patient.

If you are not sure as to how to design your room, you may ask for assistance
from medical office design contractors. As with every service, it would be
sensible to compare three to five of them to get the best deals. The smartest
way to locate medical office design firms is through word-of-mouth referrals
from colleagues and friends, but you can also research online if word of mouth
referrals are difficult to find.