Steps to Improve Your Sleep With Arthritis

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Steps to Improve Your Sleep With Arthritis
Proper and sufficient sleep is very important for
everyone in order to be active and healthy; But
how do you get a good night's sleep if you have to
manage painful conditions such as arthritis? Pain
can disturb sleep, interrupt it or even keep you
awake whole night, therefore it will lower your
chances to wake up to a new day fresh and
Sleep is meant to energize and rejuvenate you so
that you can face a new day at your very best. If
you are suffering from arthritis you may feel tired
and exhausted instead of waking up fresh and
ready to enjoy a new day. If this is happening to
you regularly, your sleep pattern will be turned
upside down and this will have negative
consequences on the quality of your everyday life.
If you feel fatigued and tired, and find it
impossible to concentrate all day long because
arthritis disturbs your night’s sleep, it is only
natural that your overall mood will be affected. It
is a vicious cycle, as the lack of sleep can worsen
your condition and therefore you can experience
more pain, which again will further prevent you
from sleeping properly. So what can you do to
break this circle and get a good night’s sleep?
It is important not to neglect the lack of proper
sleep as this can be easy to fix and you can once
again enjoy a good sleep. There are a number of
things you can do to get better sleep apart from
consulting your local Murrieta arthritis doctor.
First you can try to track the sleeping habits you
have to learn from them. You must avoid sleeping
during the day if at all possible, as this will help
you to create a new proper sleeping pattern.
Drinking coffee just before bedtime might not be a
good idea. It is also good to avoid eating and
drinking too much before you go to bed. Try to
stay clear from smoking and drinking alcohol
before bedtime or during the night.
The next possible problem you have to check is
whether your pillow and mattress are comfortable
enough. Many do not realize that an uncomfortable
pillow or mattress is the culprit for a sleeping
issue. If you suspect this might be the problem, go
ahead and change them for better ones.
If you do exercise, make sure that your hard
workout is always done during the day, and not
before bedtime. Some light exercise can be
beneficial for your sleep, if done just before
bedtime, as it will help your blood circulation. A
nice warm and relaxing bubble bath can also
greatly help to improve your sleep.
Several over-the-counter medicines can help you
as well to manage the pain from arthritis and
achieve some quality sleep. Painkillers and anti
inflammatory drugs can make sure to keep pain at
a minimum level. You can try some sedatives as
well to get quick relief from the pain and get some
much needed sleep. Although all these medicines
can work well for you, it is not advised to use them
on long term basis, due to the unwanted side
effects they can cause. Always consult an arthritis
doctor before using any medication.
Natural products, such as herbal supplements are
gaining popularity even among arthritis sufferers,
as they carry virtually no side effect and therefore
can be safely tried for as long as needed. Do not
neglect or put up with a lack of proper sleep due to
arthritis pain. An Arthritis doctor can advise you
on the best plan of action to finally get that good
night's sleep you deserve.