Streamline Your Vendor Management Process

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Streamline Your Vendor Management Process

Communicating with your vendors and suppliers is as important as communicating with your consumers.
Building an apt communication channel and information flow with your suppliers is necessary, as they
play a key role in the success of your business.

Proper vendor management can result in minimized expenses, maximized efficiencies and enhanced
customer service and ensuring compliance with regulations. Building a mutually strong relationship with
your vendors will help strengthen your company's overall performance in the marketplace.

Vendor management is a standard practice today, process that most organizations globally use, in order
to have a clear understanding of the risks they undertake owing to the business associations with third-
party vendors. This is especially true regarding outsourcing relationships and data sharing. It is a
structured approach to receiving the best service and value from a vendor and the core of such a
program is the establishment of an ongoing communication channel.

Vendor Management has developed to an extent where some leading financial industry groups such as
BITS have standardized the process significantly through their Standard Information Gathering (SIG) and
Agreed upon Procedures (AUP) standards. These standards or their derivatives helps organizations
understand the risk associated with their vendors and then incorporate appropriate risk mitigation
techniques and measures to mitigate the risk.

According to Gartner research, vendor management provides organizations with the know-how for vendor
selection, enabling organizations to manage vendor contracts for efficient performance. Today with
technology having a strong footing in every industry sector vendor management solutions have also taken
the IT way.

Ways to enhance collaboration with vendors
Today eminent service providers in compliance management solutions have introduced innovative vendor
management solutions to ensure that organizations and their outsourced partners remain regulatory
compliant. This helps you to manage an efficient vendor management process.

This in turn has given rise to better collaboration with the vendors, coupled with the vendor management
solutions that facilitated the process. Thus Vendor Management Solution helps:

Automate the monitoring of sensitive data and technical controls.
Handle risks with a Vendor Manager.

Evaluate vendor risks by using multiple assessment types and library of question depending on
best practice standards.
Obtain risk, IT security and compliance rating of vendor from assessment results.
Estimate vendor compliance to procedures and regulations.
Track and address identified non-compliance areas.

Selecting a vendor has its own complicacies. If yours is a large and forward thinking company then it is
best to opt for a market leader in sophisticated vendor management solution that ensures regulatory

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