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Study Dentistry at Rīga Stradiņš UniversityProspectus for International StudentsPLANMECA DENTAL EQUIPMENT, FITTED WITH FRASACO PHANTOM HEADS AND COMPUTERSContentsWelcome to Rīga Stradiņš University 2Why choose RSU? 3Studying in Riga 4Study Programmes 6Departments at the Faculty of Dentistry Department of Conservative Dentistry 8 Department of Prosthodontics 8 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 9 Department of Orthodontics 9 Department of Oral Pathology 10Curriculum at the Faculty of Dentistry 11Admission Requirements and Application for International Students 12Accommodation & Living Costs 13 Welcome to Rīga Stradiņš University I am delighted to have you read this brochure for prospective dentistry students, which will introduce you with study possibilities at the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) – one of the best universities in the Baltic region. Choosing a university is an earnest and time-consuming endeavour, as so many factors have to be considered – which is the best, which will be the friendliest, which will be the most inspiring. RSU is located in Riga, the city that inspires, and we are quite convinced that it will inspire you, too, just like it has inspired all the numerous international students who have studied here before and who have greatly contributed to the diversity of our university, and have been surprised by what the city and the university offers, their expectations surpassing anything they hoped for. RSU is committed to providing our students with the most inspirational educational experience possible, and since you will spend 5 years at our university as a dentistry student, we would want your experience here to be unforgettable and unique. At the Institute of Dentistry, which is the clinical base of the Faculty of Dentistry at the RSU, and an internationally acclaimed centre for practical dentistry in Latvia, you will acquire outstanding education, because you will master your theoretical knowledge and practical skills under the supervision of the most qualified and renowned academics and practitioners in Latvia and in Europe. In the study process, you wil learn on high-tech equipment, use state-of-the-art instruments and information technologies, e.g. Planmeca supplies RSU with a system solution that links digital dental care units and digital imaging equipment to a comprehensive software with embedded clinical content and tailored features for education process management. Our departments are equipped with latest generation dentistry technologies: a modern sterilisation system, new technologies of radiology and an information technology network together with other technologies, which allow our students to acquire practical skills in diagnostics and treatment methods of dentistry. The Institute of Dentistry is a leading diagnostics centre in orthodontics, prosthodontics and oral maxillofacial surgery in the region, and hence is able to ensure postgraduate as well as undergraduate study programmes. Residency students can choose to train in maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and paediatric dentistry. We should also note that the Institute of Dentistry is the examination centre in the fields of orthodontics, prosthodontics and maxillofacial surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. We will be happy to have you as our student, and we are convinced you will enjoy your time in Riga just like your pursuit of academic and personal goals at the Rīga Stradiņš University. We look forward to welcoming you to our University!Professor Ilga Urtāne Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Dentistry 2Why choose RSU?Top 5 reasonsAN UNFORGETTABLE STUDY PROCESS1The entire clinical study process in dentistry is carried out on modern dentistry technologies, with the most up-to-date dental filling materials and interactive technologies. Additionally, the teaching staff tries to apply innovative teaching methods throughout the entire study process. As an international student of the RSU, you can also participate in the ERASMUS exchange programmes, which allow you to spend one semester in another European university, and who knows, maybe in your hometown.AN INDIVIDUAL APPROACH 2We guarantee studies in small groups of 10 people, and lectures and practical classes taught in a collegial way by highly recognised professionals and specialists in their field, as all members of the academic staff have practiced and received qualifications in many European universities and clinics.EXCELLENT TEACHING AND RESEARCH 3There are over 5,000 students at the RSU studying in departments that are accredited and recognised nation-ally and internationally for the quality of their teaching and research. However, we encourage not only the academic staff, but also students to participate in scientific work and projects. RSU is ranked among the best universities in the Baltic States.YOUR FUTURE CAREER4Our graduates are employed in prestigious institutions and organisations all over Europe and the degree obtained at the RSU successfully allows them to compete in the marketplace of any European country. Our graduates can continue their studies in residency in the fields of oral maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pros-thodontics, periodontics, endodontics, orthotics and paediatric dentistry.RIGA – THE CITY THAT INSPIRES 5Moreover, Riga will inspire you, too. Founded in 1201, it is a city with an interesting history and old traditions, but it is also a city with an abundant and modern cultural life. You will be able to spend your spare time in the European cultural environment that Riga offers: attend concerts (modern and classical alike), the opera, dance and sports clubs, play golf and tennis, go swimming or hiking. In short – enjoy a vibrant modern city life.3Studying in RigaFACTS ABOUT LATVIAArea: 64,589 sq kmPopulation: 2,231,503Capital: RigaOfficial language: LatvianRegions: Kurzeme Zemgale Vidzeme LatgaleNationalities: Latvians (59.2%) Russians (28.0%) Belarusians (3.7%) Ukrainians (2.5%) Poles (2.4%) Lithuanians (1.3%)Latvia Others (2.9%)Latvia is the central country of the three Baltic States (Estonia, Religions: Lutheran (20%)Latvia and Lithuania), it is located on the Eastern coast of the Catholic (22%)Baltic Sea in North-Eastern Europe and bordered by four coun- Orthodox (15%)tries – Estonia to the North, Russia to the East, and Belarus and Evangelical (5%)Lithuania to the South. For hundreds of years this strategic location Other (1%) Non-affiliated (~40%)has made Latvia not only an international crossroad for trade, commerce and cultural exchange, but also a notable centre of Currency: Latvian Lat (LVL)historic events. Fixed exchange rate 1 EUR = 0.7028 LVLThe coastline of Latvia is almost 500 km long. Latvia stretches 503 km from east to west and 190 km from north to south, and Politics: Parliamentary democracyeven though it is considered one of the smallest states in Europe, geographically it is still larger than Belgium, the Netherlands, Climate: Temperate maritime climate with mildDenmark, Switzerland, or its neighbouring country Estonia. Its summers (20–28 °C), moderate winters (-5–20 °C) and frequently high levels landscape is characterised by fertile lowland plains, moderate of humidity (70%) and precipitation hills, extensive networks of rivers and lakes, and a seashore of (600–700 mm)white, sandy beaches, lined by dunes and pine forests. 4nstitūtstvijas I, Latrsenocot, Falniņš. K© Jhowever, they are quite sincere once you get to know them. As Rigathe local joke goes: put two Latvians together and you will getthree political parties, put three Latvians together and you wil have Riga is the capital and the largest city of Latvia with a population a choir (note that Latvia is “The Land that sings”), put four Latvians of 717,000. Thus, natural y it is also the political, economical and together and you will have a dinner feast. In short: Latvians enjoy cultural centre of the country. Riga has been nicknamed The City hearty discussions, a great get-together and a good meal.that Inspires, and it truly does! You wil fal in love with the medieval Old Town and the 19th and 20th century Art Nouveau architecture, which is a distinctive characteristic of Riga. However, Riga is not just about history, old buildings and museums. You wil also find it a stimulating setting for a vibrant modern business and cultural life. Also, note that Riga’s International Airport is one of the fastest growing travel hubs in Europe, providing cheap and easy access to any country in Europe – this wil ensure a feeling of not being too far away from your home, family and friends. Choosing Riga as the city for your studies will be an inspiring experience as you will learn not only in the field of your selected studies, but also a different culture, new traditions and habits, and above all, new people. Latvians may seem reserved at first; 5Study ProgrammesStudy programme ”Dentistry”The goal of the study programme “Dentistry” is to prepare students for becoming qualified dentists whose knowledge and practical skil s would al ow them to practice in general dentistry – to treat patients with oral cavity and teeth il nesses, as wel as to be able to hold practical and educational events of dental il ness prevention.Just as in other universities, the study process of the Dentistry DENTISTRYprogramme is divided into two blocks consisting of preclinical studies and specific courses related to dentistry. During pre-Study length: 5 years (10 semesters)clinical studies, students master general medical courses such as anatomy, biology, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and Study amount in credit points: 300 ECTSmany others. However, these courses are augmented by dental courses, which are carried out at the five departments of the Study type: Full-time studiesFaculty of Dentistry.Teaching language: English Degree conferred: Doctor of Dental Surgery (D. D. S.)Start dates: September 1st, application till June 15thDENTAL HYGIENISTStudy length: 2 years (4 semesters)Study amount in credit points: 120 ECTSStudy type: Full-time studiesTeaching language: LatvianDegree conferred: Qualification of a Dental HygienistApplication: Individual applications are not accepted6“RSU is the perfect place for serious and hardworking students. It is easy to get scared and confused at first, but once you adapt to the system you will be able to appreciate the satisfaction that hard work gives. So, if you are motivated, serious, and ready for late nights of study, your stay at the RSU will provide you with the utmost level of knowledge and skills in your field.”Izem Massensen Ayati, 3rd year studentFurther StudyUpon a successful completion of the study programme, you will completion and evaluation. They also have to ensure infec-be conferred a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery and you will tion control measures and maintain a safe environment in the be authorised to practice under the supervision of a certified dental office. A dental hygienist must also take care of educa-dentist. You will also be able continue your education in the post-tional events to promote oral illness prevention, participate graduate study programme residency in orthodontics, teeth in the planning, organisation and evaluation of dental care prosthetics, endodontics, periodontics, paediatric dentistry or along with the dental team, and members of other fields. maxillofacial surgery.Further StudyUpon a successful completion of the study programme, graduates Study programme ”Dental Hygienist”can work in hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics and dental prac-tices as dental hygienists. The goal of the study programme ”Dental Hygienist” is to train qualified specialists of medical care in dentistry. Dental hygienists ensure the prevention of oral illnesses and draft clinical (periodontological) treatment plans, ensuring their 7Departments at the Faculty of Dentistrydental education based on intelligent equipment and soft-Department of Conservative Dentistryware integration, and the Faculty of Dentistry at the Rīga Stradiņš University was the third dental school to adopt the Course structurenew learning environment.The Department of Conservative Dentistry is one of the principal departments in which students master eight courses: pathology and cariology of hard tooth tissues, endodontics, periodontics, Department of Prosthodonticsa preclinical course of operative dentistry, paediatric conserva-tive dentistry, prevention of dental illnesses, public healthcare, Course structureand x-ray examination and radiology. This allocation of courses In the Department of Prosthodontics, students receive a full is included in the last three years, and the implementation of training in the disciplines of prosthetic dentistry. The course of these courses is carried out in lectures and practical classes. Here, prosthodontics consists of preclinical training and clinical under the supervision of professors, students acquire practical training. In the preclinical course, students acquire skil s necessary skills in cariology, endodontics and other courses by learning on for the development of prosthodontics, including those based digitalised Planmeca dental equipments. Students use the most on implants. modern tooth fil ing materials for fil ing teeth, and they are trained to do dental, digital and panoramic x-ray examinations, as well as The preclinical training runs for 3 semesters, and includes the cephalogram 3D dental (iCAT) picture taking. following manipulations: • Edentulous jaws, conventional complete dentures;Average workload per week • Cast and acrylic removable dentures;On average, you wil have 4 lectures and 8 hours of work in practical • Removable and fixed-implant supported dentures;classes per week in addition to your personal independent studies. • Tooth preparation and fixed dentures; • Restoration of devital teeth;Assessment • Dental technical laboratory.You will be assessed through various presentations of treated patients, MCQ tests, OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Exami-The clinical training runs for 4 semesters:nation), as well as written tests and examinations. • The teaching is comprised of treatment of patients, performing prosthodontic work as well as planning Equipment & learning resources of clinical situations based on actual evidences.We have opened a new, modern student teaching clinic, which • Integrated treatment planning.complies with European standards. This clinic is set-up with top-ranking dental digital Planmeca equipment, which is con-Average workload per weeksidered a technology leader in dental equipment design. In On average, you will have 2 lectures and 8 hours of work in prac-collaboration with some of the world’s leading universities, tical classes per week in addition to your personal independent Planmeca has developed a unique learning environment for studies.8