Sump Pump Repairs and Maintenance

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Regular Sump Pump Maintenance for Optimal Functionality

Sump pumps can give protection to homes when the torrential rains come. This is for those houses that
are located where soils don't adequately drain rain water, prone to heavy downpour, or when the water
tables are high. Sump pumps are also used as a solution to remove excess water for problematic
basement wall construction or foundation drains. Many plumbing experts recommend the installation of
sump pumps as a backup if there is a major pipe leak or when a pipe suddenly bursts in the basement.
This is also the best emergency equipment in case a minor flood occurs due to overflowing water
systems like lakes, ponds, or creeks. Other water overflow concerns which can be handled by the sump
pump include excess snow melt, clogged drains and water heaters that are faulty.

Sump pumps can be submersible or pedestal, whichever is suitable for the home. Generally, sump
pumps are installed in a sump pit that is found on the lowest level of the house. Water entering the
basement will flow into the pit. Upon reaching a particular level, the water that fills the pit will be
pumped out into the drainage system automatically. This prevents the water to upsurge and damage
the basement or foundation of the house. The water should be discharged by the sump pump to the
yard and into a sink or down to the sewer.

Seepage or floodwaters can significantly damage the building foundation when the sump pump fails to
function properly. The plumbing experts at a pump repair in Orange County can assure the homeowner
that they can effectively repair the sump pump for optimal protection. Regular sump pump
maintenance significantly helps the equipment to continually function as it should. This can be done
every quarter and annually, especially when it is not used for months. The homeowner can call up the
pump repair services to do the maintenance. The technician would be cleaning the pump inlet screen
and inspect the power cord to ensure that it is connected to the power supply. Then, a bucket of water
is dumped into the sump in order to raise the float to ensure that the pump automatically turns on.
Next, the pump of the sump is replaced and grease or oil is applied if required. The technician would
also do other necessary adjustments if needed. It is a lot handier to read the sump pump manual and
check for other instructions.

The sump pump can maintain and keep the lower level of the house dry. The homeowner doesn't have
to worry about moisture building up and more importantly, structural damage due to water overflow is
prevented. That is why periodic maintenance is a must for sump pumps. This is to keep the equipment
functioning at an optimum level.