SunGreen Systems Completes Construction of 183 kW Solar PV System and Sustainable LED Lighting for Mortech Manufacturing

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SunGreen Systems Completes Construction of 183 kW Solar PV System
and Sustainable LED Lighting for Mortech Manufacturing
Combination of LED Lights and Solar Power Results in Green Lighting System with Substantial
Energy Savings.
Azusa, CA, USA (February 6, 2016) -- SunGreen Systems, experts in the design and construction of
commercial solar systems and sustainable, smart energy solutions, will participate in today's official
ribbon-cutting of the new PV system for Mortech Manufacturing, makers of quality anatomy equipment
and instruments for post-mortem facilities. The ribbon-cutting ceremony to be held at Mortech's facility
here is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. and marks the culmination of a successful SunGreen Systems design
and build project, where SunGreen was able to help Mortech Manufacturing realize substantial savings
through a combination of sustainable solar power and LED lighting.
SunGreen Systems designed and installed a premium 183.4 kW solar array for Mortech Manufacturing.
The solar system, one of the largest array in Azusa, will offset nearly 100 percent of Mortech's total
building electrical load. As part of the installation, SunGreen working in conjunction with LED Power
Saver of Santa Clarita, Calif., also installed LED lighting to replace 900 conventional lamps, resulting in
a savings of 50 percent of the lighting energy cost at an estimated annual savings of $19,000 in energy
and maintenance costs. In fact, because of the substantial savings from the LED lighting system,
SunGreen Systems was able to specify a smaller PV system to meet Mortech's energy needs at
considerable savings.
"This ribbon-cutting marks the completion of a showcase project for SunGreen Systems," said Rick
Hsu, CEO of SunGreen Systems. "The combination of solar power and low-energy LED lighting not
only saves energy, it delivers better quality, broader spectrum lighting without glare or discoloration.
LED lighting boosts the mood of the Mortech staff at the same time it saves on operational overhead."
By adopting renewable solar energy and LED lighting, Mortech will eliminate 1,257,000 pounds of
carbon dioxide emissions annually, 4,192 pounds of sulfur dioxide. 2.096 pounds of nitrogen dioxide,
and 3,753 grams of mercury from florescent lamps. The positive environmental impact is the equivalent
of planting 145 acres of trees or removing 96 automobiles from the roads.
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