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Surface Computing Market to 2025 - Global Analysis
and Forecasts by Components and Applications
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Surface Computing Market to 2025
Since a decade, the computing technologies have been surprising with innovative and effective products and
services. Unlike traditional computing technology,the recent trends have introduced new dimension of computing,
reduced size of systems and increasing processing speed are the keyinnovations that industries and individual end-
users looking for. Surface computing was one of such innovation which uses sensing and display techniques to
integrate real objects and digital contents.
Surface computer was introduced by Microsoft in early 2007, during which the touch screen, stylus and tablet PCs
were emerging into the main stream of the market. Microsoft had vision to develop on touch screen tactic to
change the way people interact across the table with each other.Surface computing works on the basic principal of
touch interface, the various touch interface would include direct interaction, multi-touch, multi-user, and object
recognition. Surface computers are majorly found in retails, multiplexes,shopping malls, restaurants etc. Increasing
feasibility of surface computer deployment will gain traction from various end-user such as education, the surface
computer are expected to be utilized in next generation classrooms for interactive learning and training experience.
Eventually this trend is expected to set applications in home entertainment in near future.
Some of the key challenges the market is experiencing currently include high price of surface computers,
components required to deploy the surface computer are many and implementation is complex, and software
associated with surface computer are limited. These are key factors which hinder the growth of the surface
computing market. However key playersin the market are more focused continuous R&D to make the product and
service more flexible and feasible enabling users to make a move towards new computing trends. Hence the surface
computing market is expected to adhere to growing trends by 2025.
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Surface Computing Market to 2025
The surface computing market is broadly classified into four segments which include components, display,interface,
applications and geography.Some of the key components which are responsible for surface computer operation are
sensors, infrared light source, processors, DLP projectors, memory, infrared cameras, and others. Interfaces are
unique proposition of surface computing trends, they are further segmented into direct interaction, multi-touch,
multi user experience, and object recognition. Some of the key application covered under application segment
include entertainment, banking, industrial, education, retails, hotels and restaurants, and commercials. The global
surface computing market is also divided by geography and include regions such as North America, Europe, APAC,
South America (SAM) and Middle East Africa (MEA).
North America being one of the leading hub for technologies, companies in this region are more focused on offering
solution and services to engage most of the manufacturers across the globe. Europe leads in industrial and
manufacturing industries, surface computing also have role to play in these industries which will upsurge the market
for surface computing in European regions. APACis one of the key regions which include growing economies such as
China, Japan, India, etc. hence this region is considered to be fastest growing and is estimated to gain major share of
the market in near future. APAC will play a vital role in components manufacturing and service.
Some of the key players in global surface computing marketinclu de MicrosoftC orporation,Planar Systems Inc., 3M
Co., Viewsonic Corporation, Lenovo Group Ltd., Dell Inc., Hewlett-Packard Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,
ToshibaCorporation, and Sony Corporation among others.
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