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Susan Hamilton – Psychoanalysis


I first heard of Susan Hamilton through her daughter, Christine Hamilton, who was at the time my
girlfriend, thanks to which I studied several important preliminary personality properties.
First I learned that she was a very controlling and overprotective person as mother, according to
Christine, she had to get everything her way. In addition, according to her, Susan was very prone to
becoming verbally violent when everything she wanted other people to do didn’t get done, which
was also confirmed by the shouts I happened to overhear over Ventrilo and Skype during our all-day-
long conversations. I was able to tell the shouts occurred due to various reasons, such as her ’being
on the computer for too long’ or ’having to go to bed’ or ’having to take a shower’. I was told that she
was treated for depression, due to her best friend moving to Australia. During the time me and
Christine were getting more comfortably acquainted, her parents were on a two week long holiday,
unfortunately I am unable to recall the specific place.

Facts I presumed to be correct:
1) She is overprotective
2) Controlling
3) Wants her needs to be filled primarily
4) Prone to verbal violence
5) She has depression

First meeting

The first meeting between me and Susan occurred around a week after they re-arrived from the
holiday. Christine finally had managed to persuade her to speak to me over MSN, after multiple times
of rejecting my requests to have a chat with her and to get to know her better.
She first asked me about my arrangements to going to UK. I told her I had booked planetickets, and
when I mentioned perhaps staying at her place, she politely refused that.
She admitted that she is indeed very protective of her, she also said that she would not like her to get
hurt. She also questioned my motives as to why I loved Christine. I explained to her that she’s very
special and it makes me very happy just being with her, to trust her, to understand her.
She then told me that they (Susan and her husband) found it difficult to understand that feelings can
actually appear over the internet without meeting each other. She also mentioned that all the friends
she ever had were from school. In addition, she also seemed to firmly believe in power of face to face
During the conversation, even though Christine had told her that we want to be living together, she
assumed that there is going to be a long distance relationship, and that Christine needs support from
them for at least for the next 5 years.
When I said that I’d be there for good on 1st of September, she said that she didn’t want me there
until Christine’s University had started. She also was concrete that there was no way for me to know
anything about Christine that she didn’t. She was also fully aware of the fact that Christine was a
vulnerable individual who was easily persuaded. In addition, she never seemed to believe that
Christine had told me that she wanted to be with me for the rest of her life. After I had finished the
conversation, it appeared that after I began talking about us being together and hinting that she
would move out, she decided that I was ’making her go off me’ which meant having a negative


1) She is protective
2) Careful and cautious
3) Only friends she has are from school
4) Prefers face to face contact
5) Assumes things to happen according to what she likes
6) Seems to think Christine is unable to live separately from her parents
7) Wants to keep Christine home for as long as possible
8) Seemed to think she knew everything there was to know about Christine
9) Knows Christine’s biggest weakness inside out
10) Believes Christine only really loves her and nobody else

Meeting face to face

Things went only downwards after that, she kept getting her laptop taken away from her earlier and
earlier into the evening, sometimes as early as 10 pm. Eventually it got so bad that she ran away on
6th of July and three days later I came to catch her at the airport. However, the police had found her
acting suspiciously and called her parents and as they picked her up, her father was coming to pick
me up from the airport and took me to their doorstep. Our first meeting was very memoryless as her
father was doing most of the talking. Her mother was simply asking generic questions, I had no
opportunities to ask her anything specific. The only time I got anything out was when she was taking
me down to the Motel and while Christine was getting me a newspaper, asked me if I loved her and
what she meant to me. I said that she simply makes me feel special and different and creates
emotions noone else so far has managed to arise in me.

Moving Out

Approximately 10 days after I got there, her parents had a huge fight and she got afraid and decided
to spend the night over at the Motel I was staying at. The next day we looked for a flat and as we got
up to her house to pick up her stuff, her mother started blaming me on how I had alienated her
daughter from her family and things like that and I heard them shouting at eachother while she was
packing and once we left, Christine was in tears. She herself seemed to look past how she had been
treating her the past few weeks before I arrived.
Once we got down to the flat at around 5, the flat lock was broken and we were waiting for a
locksmith for 1,5 hours, her father called and apparently told her to go back to the house and check
up on her mother because her cellphone wasn’t answering and house phone was on ’busy’.
She left and a bit later called me and said she needed me. I arrived at the house and found out that
apparently her mother had attempted a suicide. She had taken a pack of pills that were supposed to
be the first bit of the suicide, later on having to take a second pack after which she would go to sleep
and never wake up. When I got there, she tried to insist on me sleeping in a different bedroom, and
as Christine told me, she was deeply against the idea of me being there in first place. She also told
Christine that ’if her door was locked in the morning that she wouldn’t try to open it but call dad’. In
addition, after we went to sleep, she got up and locked the door, knowing we were awake. Christine
hurriedly got up from bed and asked her why she did that. Unfortunately I never heard the answer
and Christine doesn’t seem to recall, however she did ask why we slept in same bed, and Christine
said because she wanted us to.

Facts I presumed to be correct:
1) She doesn’t want me near Christine
2) She seems to always first seek the blame in others
3) Prone to suicide

4) She scares people with suicide threats
In the car

Once we woke up, we drove to Christine’s driving theory test where we had our first bigger chat with
Susan. I started off with how we got off with the wrong foot. The discussion eventually moved over
to why she wanted to do the suicide. She told me that without Christine her world is nothing. That
without Christine, she wouldn’t want to live. She said that if she ever left her, she would kill herself.
When I asked if there was anything anyone could do to stop her, it would be Christine back at the
Susan kept on going about how she had always done everything back and forth for Christine so she
wouldn’t have to move a muscle
, in terms of cooking, buying important things etc. Cleaning and
other things would still be in her list to do.
She said she had depression. She said that Christine was too young to live by herself. That she wasn’t
ready to do anything by herself. She seemed to be under the assumption that she was still her ’little
girl’. The endresult of our conversation was that if Susan was to be all right, Christine would have to
go back to living with her mother
. That was the only sentence she kept repeating throughout the
whole conversation at random times.

1) She had depression
2) She appeared suicidal
3) She wanted Christine back in the house
4) She bought and cooked everything for Christine so she wouldn’t have to worry about
5) She believed Christine wasn’t ready for life without her

First mental breakdown

A few months into University, Christine stopped going to uni because it seemed too hard for her. On
one of those mornings where she was crying next to her bed, I called her mother to see what she
would do. I decided it was time to see what her mother was really like. She hadn’t seen Christine for
weeks by that time. I overloaded her with information. I told her how she was bullied in school about
her hair and the way she walked. I told her how she tried to harm herself at times. I told her how
upset she was after every time she had a serious talk with her parents.
She refused to believe any of this, but I said she needed help on a more professional level than the
one I could provide. She seemed very conservative at the time, however it could have been due to
the fact that her mother, Carol, was with her. She did blame me of being ’unconfident’, however. But
later on she went to talk to Christine, I stood behind to see what happened, and she found out that
everything I had said was indeed true. She decided to make a rapid arrangement with a psychiatrist
that occurred a few hours later.
There are a few things which I am unsure of, however, one of them being, what exactly was said at
the doctor’s, who spoke and said what, and what exactly was ’diagnosed’. However, she did come
back exceptionally upset saying ’she eneded space’.
Later on I found out that her mother indeed knew psychology and loves her work in medical facilities.
That led me to multiple conclusions however I will be talking about the at the end of this document.

1) She still thinks she knows everything there is to know about Christine
2) She knows psychology and works in a medical field

Further observations

The next sitting (or rather, occurring before the previous paragraph) takes place during Christine’s
birthday, in which she seems to enjoy overloading Christine with information and making it sound
exactly like everything was her fault. She makes Christine cry crocodile tears for half of the evening.
Another period of time was when we decided to move away from UK to Estonia, and she first refused
to give her the passport. Eventually, she promises to give her the passport after she returns from
Australia trip, however I have a chat with her before she went there. I tried to apply everything i had
learned about her thus far, and tend to her better nature. Since it was only us talking about it, she
was more like she was in the car, clearly insisting that Christine should stay with her. Even as much as
to go to Australia with her, however I never managed to bend her will, not through calm words nor
threats of reporting this to the authorities, as possessing another person’s passport was illegal.
Nothing would work for her, and she would only give in after Christine had been applying to another
passport, since she finally seemed to realize Christine was as serious as she could ever have been.

1) She always seems to make Christine upset
2) She is still very controlling, going as far as preventing her from travelling
3) Insisting that Christine should still stay with her

What I never mentioned

First, the first time we were in the car, the way she acted, it was just as if she was trying to ’collect
me’, gather my sympathy towards her and then wrap me around her finger. Granted, I tried to
appear to be as sympathetic as I possibly could.
Second, she seems to have gathered a very tight ’circle’ around her which is mainly consisting of very
close friends and family, who simply refuse to believe anything negative said about her and seem to
think she’s the best person in the whole world.
Everything seemed to change every time Christine went back together with her mother. She would
treat her special for few days and then everything would return back to normal. Commanding, being
overprotective, elementary things like those.
Seeing as she’s still alive, I daresay her world ending when Christine moves out was just rambling.

What do I conclude from the facts

She is a person with very controlling personality that likes to enrage at people that don’t do as she
wants. She can go to lengths to get to people to her side, as she is quite the master in manipulation
and at gaining people’s sympathy and understanding. What she has done for Christine, however,
seems to have exceeded everything. She seems to have completely foregone the preparation to live
by herself. She seemed extremely disappointed when Christine was able to perfectly well handle
herself living, while not quite alone, yet doing things she never had to do when back with her
She has apparently made no friends after she finished school, which leads me to believe new people
find it hard to bond with her.
Considering that she hasn’t actually made a suicide or given any physical evidence of ever trying one,
she seems to pretend killing herself to get what she wants, in addition to using other types of
psychological manipulation for making people upset.

Combine that with the fact that she is working at the medical field, and this is what you get: a
combination of Bipolar Personality Disoder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Psychopathic
Personality Disorder, from my point of observation this is unfortunately all I’m able to analyze and