Swami SUDDHANANDA SCANDAL Swami Suddhananda of of UTHANDI, Samvit Sagar Trust , Uthandi, Chennai

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Breaking News !
(Swami Suddhananda of of UTHANDI, Samvit
Sagar Trust , Uthandi, Chennai and with an
Ashram in Tiruvannamali, tamilnadu, India )

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The Truth about "Swami Suddhananda" (born in Orissa 27.05.1950)


Let me first introduce my self. My Name is Venu and I was very close with Swami S. since
the year of 2003.
I was also addressed as a trustee of Samvit Sagar Trust between May 2008
and February 2012. I am running an intl. Yoga School and retreat house in Germany and since
2004 we brought every year a group of 40 people to Swami S. ashram in Tiruvannamalai for
running a Yoga Teachers Training Course, were Swami S. was teaching Self-Knowledge.

In the month of January 2012 we came to know a very shocking information about Swami S.,
so that I decided to cut off any contact with Swami as well as resigned to be a trustee.

I am very sorry and have to say to all the students, friends and other open minded
people I/we have brought to the ashram of Swami S.... "I apologize and please excuse
me, I was not aware about his lifestyle and lies!"

But first for those who don't know what is a Swami / Samnyasi

The samnyasi lives a celibate life without possessions. The true samnyasi (renunciate or
ascetic) does not identify with any form of division or multiplicity. The Sanskrit word samnyasi
comes from samnyasyati, meaning he renounces. Sam means together, ni means down, and
asyati means he throws. He or she throws down any personal identity whatsoever, including
not only those related to physical objects, but also to nationality, religion, work or family

A Swami takes vows of poverty and celibacy. He receives a new name with the title Swami.
Traditionally in the Swami Order, which goes back to four or five thousand years, one wears
saffron robes, the color of the rising sun (or fire), as a being of light, for wherever one stands
one should be then a source of illumination to others. Any material objects or finances one
owns are kept in trust for the service of others. Service and worship become identical.

The three basic rules of the Swami order parallel the ones of the Benedictine order: poverty,
chastity, and obedience.

About his sexual activities
At the present Swami SUDDHANANDA of UTHANDI, Samvit Sagar Trust , Uthandi,
Chennai and with an Ashram in Tiruvannamali, tamilnadu, India. has two womens, who
are living in the ashram, at his disposal for enjoying his sexual activities
. One lady is
from Japan
, which is his main partner, just like his wife and the second is an indian lady.

Beside these two he is selecting girls which are joining the self-knowledge camps as well as
from our Yoga Teachers Training courses one from Europe and another one from

We also know that he has paid for a flight ticket and invited a professional prostitute from
which he came to know during one of his trips to Europe. He was very active with her
by having sex during the Self-knowledge camp in Dec. 2011.

He has enjoyed having sex with 4 ladies during the last running camps. Just before he
will give the class (lecture) and also after the classes he was very active.
Nowadays every second statement from him is a lie.

During our course in Jan. 2012 he told in one of the lectures "I was happy for the off day, so I
had a very nice rest and sleep during the day" ...fact is, where we have proof...during this time
he announced as rest/sleep, the japanese lady has given him a blow job for 1hrs !!!

The worst cases from my point of view is the fact that he was chasing our students from the
Yoga Teachers Training Course.

You have to understand that we as the Yogaschool are responsible for the students we bring
to the ashram. He always embark on the same strategy. Students will hand out their homework
after the lectures and of corse, nearly every one has problems either with the family, partner or
husband. Sincerely every student will write about his own difficulties and problems, so that
Swami S. will come to know exactly everything about our life.

This is the point where he starts to manipulate on the mind of the student.
Second step is when he brings back the homework, he will give them to me to hand out after
the lecture. Now he hastime to select, by observing them when they pick up the paper with me,
the girls he would like to have. This is so dirty and horrible, students open their hearts and he
is making use of their problems. Next time they will give a paper he will start to write small
messages on their paper, to come and see him, so he will discuss everything private. When
they go to see him he was twisting their mind. Actualy we do not know yet for how many grils
he was trying but there are a few which felt into his trap and where he was given privat lectures
in Kamasutra, announcing himself as a Kamasutra teacher! He is a sick person...smelling on
the panties from his girls before he will become active!!!

Indian ladies he will choose also like this, mainly such ladies which are divorced and
their life is complete shattered

But they MUST have some money behind, so that he will exchange his sexual activities with
their money.

These are just some of the informations and proofs we have...who knows if there are worst

We also have the information that his activities are going back many years, even when
he was at Chinmaya Mission he had an affaire with the wife of one of the trustees

After it came out Swami S. has hidden himself at the Mookambika valley...not like his
statement ... he was there for tapas, meditation and contemplation!!!

And much much much more....

About Money
When we started doing this course we had an agreement to pay a certain amount of money for
all the expenses like food & accomodation for the complete group.

After two years Swami S. started to ask for more money and also for some personal money.
We agreed because he told us that the schools and orphanage in Orissa are in the need of
more money. But soon he started to ask for more money every year when we wererunning the
course. Trustful as we have been, we gave him thousands of Euros in the belief he would give
it to the schools and orphanage in Orissa.

Unfortunately this money never reached Orissa because he was spending the money for
presents, travel costs, flight tickets, food and enjoyments for his womens
. All the
schools are just for his protection to give a picture about his selfless duty for the mankind but in
fact these schools did not improof at all during the last
years. Same for the orphanage, childrens get hardly proper food, very bad improvements, kids
still don't have their own bed and have to sleep in the classrooms itself. The persones in
charge there enjoying their lifes and the same activities like their big leader Swami S., even
they are Bramacharies.

It happened that last year in 2011 ... we have given Swami S. Euro 8.500,- extra donation
but forgot to ask for the normal donation bill.
When we asked him few month later for the bill, his statement was "you are putting me in
trouble know" ...because he has spend the money for himself.

Nowadays he is a big landlord in Orissa because any time he get some money he will
purchase land in his home state Orissa, where he is a well known and respected person.
Corruption is a very wide practice in
India and he is one of the top player in Orissa, just to protect himself from his lies and activities

Why we know everything
Some 1-2 years back there was a young girl who has joined the ashram at Tiruvannamalai.
Swami S. could not control his desires for sex and tried to get this girl. She was shocked and
run away from the ashram. Few days later the ashram manager met her by accident on the
road and asked her what happened. After telling

him the story he could not believe but got also other informations from other sources. Helpless
what to do, him and some other people together took the decision to watch Swami S. very
careful and without his knowing they installed cameras at Swami S. room.

They have watched him for a period of several month and showed this pictures to me because
I did not believe what they have told me...I was totaly shocked!!!

Having this knowledge about him, all his talkes become a different meaning, he is not teaching
any more, he is just repeating sacred wisdom misconceived by himself. Actually he is talking
about his life...the biggest enemies for everyone, he use to say...SEX, MONEY & FOOD...and
these are HIS biggest difficulties

He also was talking behind my back very bad about me to the ashram management as
well to my wife
--- and in front of me he acted like I am his best friend who
brought him to Europe.

He is talking very bad about other people just to control every body...he is a control freak
! He is exactly everything what he is complaining on other Gurus...one of his main topic
during a lecture!

During January 2012 the indian police came to the ashram for questioning whats going on
at this ashram (they are sent by the people who support us). Swami S. suddenly was very
worried and nervous and just 30min. later he announced "my email account was hacked".

Fact is that he is writing and getting dirty emails from his ladies and feared that the police
will catch his computer. I asked him, how he knows that the account
was hacked? His answer " because when I entered my password it said..."your password was
changed 4 days ago".... Now think, if you enter your password into your account and it is
wrong, the message which will appear is "wrong password, try again"... but not such a
garbage he is telling.

The same situation happened some years ago when he was living in Uthandi, same story
with the email account and the reason was he tried to get a Dutch lady which was living
at the ashram at those days.

The major problem in India is...the law is very flexible and as long he is having people with
power such as politicians, police commissioners and even trustees (the couple who is in
charge with the accounts and the organisation) which protect him, he will continue with his
dirty life, lies and the misuse of open hearted students in India and round the globe.


What to do

can change this by spreading this message to people you know or
which invite/support Swami S.!

We have changed...

- Myself and one other person we have resigned from being a trustee
-The Tiruvannamalai ashram management has left in the month of January 2012
- Shivaratri Camp in Uthandi is cancelled
- Self-Knowledge festival in Chennai February 2012 is cancelled
-This information will go around the globe...thanks to the Internet
-invastigations in India are being prepared
-report was sent to the foreign office of Austrian and German Government
-report will be send to the Indian Embassy
Why I am so angry upon him?

Because he is misusing his position, his role (to speak in his words) for manipulating
students mind to fulfil his sick desires.
I told him to take off his safran robe and can live a
life like a housholder, but he is enjoying his position, the respect and money he is getting by
playing the role of a Swami!

I know all this is very difficult to believe and I am sure Swami S. will have an excuse for
everything and also he will spread bad words about me/us.

But with which intention I should talk about these things if it is not the truth?

We were fully dedicated towards Swami S., we have given a lot of money,
we have
brought students to spread the self-knowledge, we have supported the organisation and we
have named our yogaschool Samvit Sagar!

I feel sorry to make all this public but we have no other choice.

I still feel sorry and being ashamed for everyone I have introduced to Swami S.

- Venu

Bertram Muck ( Venu gopal )
International certified Yogateacher & Teachers instructor Extensive
travel to Tibet and India where he studied the scriptures in several
ashrams, finally brought him to the path of Yoga. Long intensive
stays and scripture study at several ashrams in the Himalayas. Few
years he lived and was teaching yoga classes at an Ashram in
Neyyar Dam/India, Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh/India, Val
Morin/Canada and in New Delhi/India. Vedanta study (Tattva
Bodha, Atmasatakam, Upanishaden) in India. Through his own
sadhana, dep knowledge and experience in the field of Yoga, his
way of teaching is intensiv.
Emails : [email protected] and [email protected]
Ph.: +49 (0) 8026 - 92 07 81

Websites : http://suddhananda.com and http://yogahaus.org