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Reasons To Visit Acupuncture
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One would not expect to find acupuncture Sydney on
the net. Acupuncture came from China and is mostly
used in Asia. It has been used in Asia for at least
5,000 years according to historians.

This kind of treatment involves special points in the
body that are called meridians points. A treatment
involves the doctor putting some fine needles in your
skin. One does not receive any medication.
Holistic medicine is different from regular medicine,
because it sees the body as one big unit that works
together, not as separate parts. Thus to study an
illness, one must consider the whole body. Any
illness may be related to a series of factors, and not
just one symptom.
The body then consists of channels of energy that
flow around constantly. This energy is called Qi,
pronounced chee. Any sickness is just a disruption or
problem with the chee flowing freely. So one must
put in the needles to get the energy flowing normally
These points are throughout the body, from the toes
all the way up to one's head. The number is more
than 359 an it is believed they are connected directly
to the channels of energy that flow through
everyone's body.
The needles are placed slowly and then left for
approximately 20 minutes. From your symptoms,
the doctor knows where to insert the needles. There
is no pain when they are inserted, and then the
doctor adjusts them slightly by a small twist. For
more effective treatment sometimes a small electric
current is run through the needles by the use of a
little charger. Before one starts a session the doctor
has one lie down an relax and check your tongue.
Usually a week or two is long enough to cure an
illness. And the types of illness that are commonly
treated range from all kinds of back pain, headaches,
asthma, sleeping problems, or even to help one quit
Even though there are no definitive studies of the
effects of acupuncture, many modern day doctors are
sceptical about it. But in fact recent studies have
shown around each acupuncture point there exists
an electromagnetic field, which is amazing and
baffling to doctors.
So this type of treatment is being used more and
more by Westerners. Many foreigners have gone to
China to study the methods. Insurance companies
are beginning to pay for the treatment. To find out
more one can check Sydney acupuncture in your
phone book.

Acupuncture Sydney
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