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The Importance of Syntans in Leather Making
We all are fascinated by leather products. Purse, bags, belts and costumes are some of the
leather products which we are proud to possess, but, have you ever wondered how does
leather get its fluffiness and soft texture? Well, leather making is an interesting process.
The leather material available in natural form cannot be used without treating with
chemicals and tanning agents, this is because the material is usually hard and rough.
Therefore tanning agents are used to make it usable. Syntans, abbreviated form of
synthetic tanning agent is widely used in different stages of leather production to
achieve the desired result. Zsivira, a leading manufacturer of leather chemicals and
tanning agents support wide varieties of Syntans.
The features and highlights of Syntans
The syntans manufactured by Zsivira is composed of unique chemical formula which
caters the needs of the customers. Some of the best varieties of Syntans manufactured by
Zsivira are Phenolic, sulfone, protein, maleic, melamine, dicyandiamide, polypeptide,
and acrylic. The inception of new technology and innovation in the chemical process has
helped to satisfy the va rious requirements in the leather production process. This has
overcome the issue encountered in traditional leather making process which could satisfy
only restricted types.
Syntans has some of the exclusive properties which enhance the quality of the leather. It
helps to improve the physical, chemical and antimicrobial properties of leather. Some of
the Syntans are basically used to subst itute or supplement natural vegetable tannins. The
Syntans manufactured by Zsivira undergoes a stringent quality check by a team of
experts who analyses its performance and excellence under various circumstances. Only
after the approval from the R&D department, it is finally sent for approval. Zsivira is
equipped with futuristic technology and equipment to produce high-quality tannin g
chemical and agents. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company they provide
uncompromising quality service to their potential customers.
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