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Rules of ConduCt
Advertisement is Strictly Prohibited via
Mass Communication Channels
The Amway Rules of Conduct are established to uphold essential
standards of behaviour to support and preserve the benefits of the
Amway Sales & Marketing Plan equitably for all Distributors.
Why advertisements are prohibited via
mass communication channels?
The prohibition is essential for the following reasons:
a) Amway business is a `person-to-person' business.
b) Amway business is based on equal opportunity for all Amway
Distributors and upholds fair trade in the business.
c) Advertisements may reach the homes of Amway Distributors of
another Line of Sponsorship (LOS) or prospects/customers of other
Amway Distributors.
d) Such advertisements will be viewed as interfering with another
LOS, pinching customers, and blind prospecting.
These actions could result in the supply of products to another LOS,
a violation of Rule B-1, which could carry serious consequences for the
Distributor who violates this rule.
What are mass communication channels?
Use of the website or any broadcast communication methods
whether in graphic, printed or audible form, including mass mailing,
telemarketing, national or international advertising through radio,
television facsimile services, computer communications network, or
any other means by which person-to-person contact is not present.
Can I sell AMWAYTM products and promote the Amway Business
Opportunity through the Internet such as eBay.com, lelong.com,
cari.com, etc?
You are not allowed to advertise or sell amway products and offer the
Business Opportunity using mass communication channels, which is a
violation of the Amway Rules of Conduct.
Where can I know more about this Rule?
You can refer to Section G of the Amway Rules of Conduct in the
Amway Business Manual or log on to www.amway2u.com >> My
Business Centre >> Business Information >> Rules and Regulation >>
Rules for the Internet.
We seek your cooperation to report any such incidences via e-mail
to [email protected], and providing the company with the
evidence of such misconduct.
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