Taking Care Of Your Lawn

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Taking Care Of Your Lawn

Buying your first house is a big event in your life, and it's great cause for celebration. If you have
always rented, you are likely used to other people caring for your lawn. It is very convenient to have a
maintenance person come and regularly mow the yard, arrange for it to be fertilized, and handle other
things associated with lawn care. Taking care of your own lawn can be challenging as you learn how
to properly maintain it. If lawn maintenance is a new area for you, this article will help you learn all
you need to know!

You will want to invest in a good lawn mower. Unless you are able to get one from a friend, this will
likely be a sizable investment, so make sure you have taken the time to carefully research your
options. You will have several decisions to make; for starters, how much money are you willing to
spend on a lawn mower? Although it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option, the cheapest
option can quickly become very costly if the machine is poorly made and will need to be replaced.
Another decision that you will need to make deals with the type of machine you purchase. Do you
want a riding mower? If your lawn is considerably large, this might be a good option. If it's fairly small,
a push mower is likely to make more sense.

Many people recommend fertilizing your lawn four or so times a year to keep the grass healthy and
free of weeds. Make sure that you de-thatch your yard before fertilizing, and likewise make sure that
you do not fertilize your lawn when the soil is very dry. Fertilized grass needs a good soaking, and it
can be harmful to let fertilizer sit on grass without a good washing.

Having a lush, green lawn can often require a lot of water. Unless you live in an area with frequent
rainfall, this will mean that you will have to water your lawn yourself, which can be costly as well as
wasteful. Make sure you do not water your lawn too much, as this can cause different types of fungus
to grow. If you use sprinklers, set them so you do not water anything that isn't grass, like your
driveway. This will help you conserve water. Avoid watering your lawn during the hottest hours of the
day; watering your grass in the early morning is preferable.

One option that you always have is to hire the services of a professional landscaping company. This
can be quite costly, but if you find that your schedule just gets too busy, this may be something that
might appeal to you. If you do a quick internet search, you will likely find several companies in your

Good luck in your lawn maintenance endeavors! Taking care of your lawn will require some effort on
your part, but a well kept lawn can really make your home stand out.

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