Tankless Portable Water Heater

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Tankless Portable Water Heater - A Lovable Camping Product
During the long frigid winter, you cannot even imagine life without hot water. You may need hot water
for showering, cleaning dishes, washing clothes and many more. Winters may make your energy bills
heavier. To lower your expenses on energy, there is an invaluable product introduced in market named
tankless portable water heater. This brand new product not only saves your money, but also provide hot
water to desire temperature. The product has become an essential household for almost all families.
Even if you own a traditional giant tank type water heater, do not hesitate to invest on brand new
ankless port

able w
ater he
ater . This timeless product will worth your investment for along.
With this portable water heater, get hot water supply whenever you need it. It supplies endless hot
water so that user is never out of hot water. It works with any water source whether it's a creek, bucket
or lake of water. A traditional model scheduled to heat water a few hours before it is needed. After
heating up, water is stored in tank for later use. The unused water left in tank needs to be reheated
which cause energy and money waste. A proven tankless water heater can save up to 40% of energy
and money cost. This is because, unlike traditional tank water heater, it will heat water exactly when
needed. Let's get familiarized with lovable features of product before buying for your family:
Portability: Due to absence of tank, unit is lightweight making it ideal for portability. People can use it
to take a shower at campsites, hills, woods and many other off-the-grid locations. It's compact size
makes it convenient to use and to carry anywhere.
Easy set up and operation: The unit comes with all necessary fitting like heater body, adapters,
nozzle, gas regulator and a user manual. To set up the unit, connect it with a garden hose and separately
bought propane tank. A soon as the water tap is turned on and water flows through the unit, its
automatic ignition burner start heating process. With auto shutoff safety option, unit stops working
right after 20 minutes to avoid any accident. User can adjust the temperature from 80 to 150 degree
Fahrenheit. All these features make it easy to set up and use.
Battery-powered: Since the unit is ignite by battery, it is quite handy for locations where electricity is
not available. It requires a 2-D batteries that do not come with unit and need to be purchased separately.
Thus, it is an ideal product for emergency and off the grid locations.
There is a variety of portable water heater models like Eccotemp, Zodi and many more. Choosing a
right model depends on three considerations: portability, cost & quality and ease of functionality. You
can also buy from online store to enjoy a range of models at best deals.
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