Tea for two and a piece of Cake by Preeti Shenoy: Showcasing the Inner strength

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Tea for two and a piece of Cake by Preeti Shenoy: Showcasing the Inner strength

Life always unfolds unforeseen events and occasions which for some turns out to be great opportunities
for success, while for others ways to discover oneself and their inner strength to stand tall against
adversities. Delving into the survival methods of human beings, the versatile author, poet, artist and
mother of two Preeti Shenoy strikes the chord of human hearts again.

This young author with experiences of having traveled around the country and abroad has put her hands
into many pots and has still come out successful through all, be it traveling, photography, nature, animals,
basketball or blogging. With a number of stories, poetry and articles to her credit she has won her way to
hearts of many through her book `Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake'. Preeti has been acknowledged as
the best selling author for her earlier works -` 34 Bubblegums and Candies' and `Life is what you make it'.

Preeti Shenoy's ` Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake' is her latest work and is a story about young Nisha
who most girls at her age of twenty-six will relate to. The author takes the readers through an interesting
love story about a plum and plain girl. The story as it unfolds takes every reader through the practical life
of Nisha, whose life changes pretty fast due to a number of circumstances, which she never thought
would occur. Reflecting on the trials in the life of the central character, Preeti takes the reader through the
unforeseen events which changes the life of the young 26-year old and her struggle which helps her
discover herself and understand her inner strength.

For a quick read, one can buy `Tea for two and a Piece of cake' by Preeti Shenoy from online
shopping stores and read through Nisha's ups and downs in life which started with a chance date, and
seemed normal at her age. Though she lost her job she valued most, she ended up being married at the
right time when most girls plan to settle down. However, a peek into her life shows a chain of turmoil and
uproar that never seemed to end for her. After years of married life Nisha finds her life crashing down as
her husband moves on.

The author has given a very realistic and moving bend to the story as Nisha the protagonist struggles
hard to find her foot and survive through her broken dreams. However, another twist which is also quite
realistic is the entry of a friend into Nisha's life which throws her deeper into her inner self while
attempting to fight the shadows of society. The book `Tea for two and a Piece of cake' by Preeti
Shenoy `is a about life's journey of an individual through different human relationships and with one's
inner and the outer self.

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