Team BPT Warrior Dash info

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Join team BPT for free:
Team BPT is getting ready to conquer Warrior Dash on June
26th and we want you to get ready with us! We want anyone
interested in getting in shape with some cool folks and

having some fun to join us. Even those who don’t want to
race are encouraged get in shape with us while we prepare
for battle!

Free Training Events:
Bring your friends, co-workers and significant other! All
events are free and open to all fitness levels.

We are holding free training events at Elm Bank
Reservation, at 9am on Sunday mornings leading up to race
day. There will be multiple difficulty levels to

accommodate every need.

Dates: 5/15, 5/22, 6/5, 6/12 and 6/19

Register for and attend 3 free sessions and get a
kick-ass Team BPT Warrior Dash T-shirt.

Get all the details and register for the training events at:

Want More Info??

Check out to learn about the race

Don’t be shy! Give us a call at 508-655-9600 or shoot us an

email at [email protected] We will be
happy to answer all of your questions and convince you that

you really don’t want to miss this.