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  1. Team Strategic Management Report & Presentation Page 1 of 6 BA 410 BA 410 Business Policy Spring 2009 Team Strategic Management Report and Presentation Each student will be assigned to a team that will write a Strategic Management Report (research paper) on a specified company. For the Spring 2009 semester, these companies include: a. Nucor Corporation—Competing Against Low Cost Foreign Imports? Text Case # 9 (C-113) (, select Investor Relations at top of page) b. Zune: Microsoft’s Entry into the Digital Music Player Market Text Case # 12 (C-166) ( ( c. Sun Microsystems. Text Case #16 (C-236) ( d. PepsiCo in 2007: Strategies to Increase Shareholder Value Text Case # 19 (C-273) (, select Investors at top of page) e. Spectrum Brands’ Diversification Strategy—A Success or a Failure? Text Case # 20 (C-289) (, select Investor Relations at top of page) f. Sara Lee Corp.: Retrenching to a Narrower Business Base Text Case # 21 (C-305) ( Each student is responsible for contributing to the group project. In addition to corporate websites, another source for data is Hoovers, Inc. This organization provides financial and operating statistics on publicly-traded companies. The free section of the Hoovers, Inc. website is: Students may also find the following sites helpful for conducting research: Bloomberg LP: The NYSE Euronext site: Most information about each company can be found on on-line Annual Reports located in the Investor section of the company website. Follow all copyright laws. WARNING: Do not copy and paste copyrighted materials from annual reports or web sites.
  2. Team Strategic Management Report & Presentation Page 2 of 6 BA 410 Following the title page, your report will consist of five sections, as follows: 1. Table of Contents 2. Report 3. Assignment Questions 4. References 5. Appendix Report (main body) For the Report section, or main body, your paper must have headings. The required headings are shown below. These exact headings must be used in the paper in this order. Headings are to be double-spaced within the text. No additional spacing or large font size is permitted. Required Heading Instructor’s Comments 1. History of the company 2 pages max 2. The five phases of strategy Describe the five phases, and the If weaknesses are noted, making and strategy executing evidence that your company consider these for your follows/followed them. conclusion and recommendation sections. 3. Competitor analysis Describe at least 3 of your company’s primary competitors and their relative strengths and weaknesses. 4. SWOT analysis Explain SWOT, and conduct one for See Table 4.2 and Figure the company 4.2 5. Key factors for success Evaluate your company’s KSFs See Table 3.3 6. Value chain Describe your company’s value chain See Figure 4.3 (this section requires a figure or in a few paragraphs. Supplement the description with a figure or model model) depicting the value chain activities. Do not use the figure from the textbook. 7. Five generic competitive Briefly describe the five generic If weaknesses are noted, strategies strategies, and determine which your consider these for your company employs and why conclusion and recommendation sections. 8. Offensive and Defensive Describe at least 3 offensive and 3 About 3 – 5 each strategies defensive strategies your company uses. 9. Strategies for competing in a Describe 3 – 5 used by your If weaknesses are noted, global market company. consider these for your conclusion and recommendation sections. 10. Tailoring strategy to fit specific Describe the specific industry and If weaknesses are noted, industry and company situations company situation, and the strategies consider these for your used because of this conclusion and recommendation sections. 11. Diversification Describe your company’s See Figure 9.1 diversification initiatives 12. Ethics and social responsibility Describe how your company See Table 10.4 addresses ethics and social responsibility
  3. Team Strategic Management Report & Presentation Page 3 of 6 BA 410 13. Continuous improvement and Describe the company’s quality and TQM TQM activities. 14. Company leadership and culture Describe the kind of corporate If weaknesses are noted, culture that exists. What evidence consider these for your exists that leaders execute strategy conclusion and well? recommendation sections 15. Financial analysis of the company Select key financial ratios to See Table 4.1 (this section requires a table, chart or calculate and analyze. Two ratios If weaknesses are noted, each from profitability, liquidity, consider these for your graph) leverage, and then two more ratios of conclusion and your choice.(A total of eight.) recommendation sections. Compare these over time within the company, and compare these over time to the industry. Supplement your analysis with a table, chart or graph summarizing the financial status of the company. 16. Conclusions About 2 pages. (not a summary) a. Discuss 3 - 5 things the company does well. Explain. b. Discuss 3 - 5 things the company does poorly. Explain. c. Discuss whether or not the company is in poor, good, or great shape. Explain. d. Discuss whether or not management is doing an effective job overall. Explain. e. Discuss 2 – 3 things that surprised you about the company. Explain. 17. Recommendations About 2 pages. Present about 4 – 5 recommendations to senior management to improve operations (about 2 pages): a. First recommendation and your justification for making it (at least one paragraph) b. Second recommendation and your justification for making it (at least one paragraph) c. Third recommendation and your justification for making it (at least one paragraph) d. Fourth recommendation and your justification for making it (at least one paragraph) NOTE: Within the body of the report, you must include updated information on the company since the time the case data was collected. Assignment Questions Assignment Questions for each group are distributed in a separate document.
  4. Team Strategic Management Report & Presentation Page 4 of 6 BA 410 In this section of your analysis, type the question and the answer. References – see below Appendix The appendix contains copies of all material references cited within the paper. Use a yellow highlighter to mark specific comments or content referenced in the report. Technical Requirements: • The minimum length of a Strategic Management Report is 15 pages of typed text using a double-spaced format. • The margins for each page must be set at one (1) inch on all four edges. • The required font to be used throughout the paper, including headings, tables, and figures, is 12 point Times New Roman. (This policy is written in 12 point Times New Roman.) • After the title page, the pages of the Report section must be numbered in the upper right hand corner, beginning with page 1. The first page of text is page 1. The title page is not page 1. Do not number reference pages. Do not type your name, title, class name, etc., at the top or bottom of the narrative pages. Failure to number pages results in a point deduction. • Make all text left hand justified. • After using the appropriate font, margins, and pagination, you must have a minimum of 15 full pages of typed text. Deductions will be given for short papers. • Center the title of the paper on the title page. The title shall be: Strategic Management Report: Name of Your Assigned Company Towards the bottom of the title page center the following on separate, single-spaced lines: Names of each student in the group, date submitted, and class name and number. Place a copy of the title page inside the front overlay of the report binder. • The paper must be presented in a report (looseleaf) binder with five tabbed sections: Table of Contents, Report, Assignment Questions, References, and Appendix. The title page goes in front of the first tab. The table of contents goes behind the first tab, etc. Tabs can be lettered or numbered. Use a high-quality, presentation binder with a clear overlay. The width of the spine must be appropriate to the thickness of the report. • Quotations – generally, quotations are not permitted. I am more interested in your analysis of the information than your cutting and pasting skills. • Narrative – the paper is to be typed in narrative form. Generally, do not use bulleted lists and numbered lists. • Graphics – well-placed and properly captioned charts, figures, models, exhibits, and tables within the text will strengthen any management report. o You must use at least three graphics in your paper. o A chart, table or graph is required for the financial information section o A figure, model or other graphic of the company’s value chain activities is required in the value chain section. o Figures, tables, charts and other graphics must be properly captioned within the text using the APA style.
  5. Team Strategic Management Report & Presentation Page 5 of 6 BA 410 References Required – APA Style • Use APA format. A minimum of five references is required (dated 2004 and after) such as the corporate website and the on-line annual report. • The student must use the APA style to cite references within the text and when presenting the “Reference” page. • References are required to be properly cited within the text. You must cite references within the body of the paper using the APA format. Papers not properly cited within the text and on the Reference page will be returned without being graded. o Whenever you use someone else’s facts or ideas, you are required to give them proper credit by citing their work according to APA guidelines. o Whenever you fail to properly cite your sources, the level of scholarship of your paper is weakened. • Examples of how to properly cite references within the text and on the reference page are provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course. •,,, and similar on-line information services are not considered scholarly sources for research papers. These are not approved. Power Point Presentation • Based upon the findings of the group, a scholarly, professional power point presentation of the key points will be developed and presented to the class on the date specified. • For the full presentation (final report), use a minimum of 20 slides, and a maximum of 25 slides. • The group member names, course number and name, and date must appear on the title slide. • Use the headings from the paper as the titles on the remaining slides. • The background and graphics chosen for your slides should be creative but also tasteful, professional and consistent with business decorum. Points will be deducted for plain, black- and-white power point presentations with no color. • Due to potential difficulties with equipment, do not embed video or audio files into the power point presentation. • Approximately 1/3 of the slides (7 – 8) should address the assignment questions. • For the full presentation (final report), be prepared to speak 40 minutes, and answer questions from the instructor and your classmates. • Each group member must have a speaking role. • Provide two STAPLED copies of your Power Point presentation to the instructor at the beginning of the class period due. The format of the copies are to be as follows: Handouts, 3 Slides per Page, Pure Black and White, and Frame Slides. TWO COPIES ARE REQUIRED. • In this capstone course, you must demonstrate you can present a group report. By now you have taken SP101, BA315 and other courses requiring presentations, so you should be well prepared. o Rehearse your portion of the presentation ahead of time. o Reading your slides to the class will result in a grade reduction. o Reading your paper to the class will result in a grade reduction.
  6. Team Strategic Management Report & Presentation Page 6 of 6 BA 410 The Dress Code for the full team presentation is business attire. For gentlemen, this includes a collared shirt with a necktie. No caps, flip flops or casual attire is permitted. Mandatory Attendance for All Presentations and Team Meetings Attendance is mandatory for Team Presentation and Team Meeting days. Every student must attend every team meeting and attend every presentation, even when the team is not presenting. A major point deduction will be taken for absences occurring on scheduled team and presentation days, regardless of the reason for the absence. Additionally, there is to be no tardiness or leaving early. Trial Team Presentations (selected topics) To better prepare for the full case report and presentation, each team will present a trial presentation on selected topics prior to Spring Break. On the date specified each team will present the following sections of their project: A. Section 7 (Five Generic Competitive Strategies) B. Section 15 (Financial) C. First five assignment questions. The team will submit a Power Point presentation (no written report) and each student on the team will have a speaking role. Two stapled copies of the power point presentation of the assigned sections must be submitted on the due date. No written report is due for the trial team presentation – only printed power points. This brief presentation should take about 15 minutes and will be graded. It will serve as a trial run for the final, full case report and presentation. Review Copy Available: Examples of well-designed Strategic Management Reports from previous semesters are available for review. One copy will be on reserve in the library. The requirements for this semester’s project may differ from those presented in the examples, as the guidelines of the project change from semester to semester. Each student should refer to A Guide to Case Analysis from the textbook website given in the syllabus at for additional assistance.