Temperature Controlled Self Storage Tips

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Temperature Controlled Self Storage Tips
Centennial, CO self storage establishments offer customers with various
alternatives as to the self storage units they can lease whether for a long or
short period of time. When it comes to size, there are various sizes offered
in most self storage facilities according to the necessities of clients.
When it comes to the kind of storage unit, there's also many to select from.
Primarily, though, there are two main types of self storage Centennial, CO
units. The temperature controlled unit and the standard type. Amongst the
two, the temperature controlled unit is more expensive to rent. Factors
behind its expensive rental cost are its customized unit that guarantees a
constant level of humidity and temperature and therefore ensures the
maximum safety of your belongings.
Usually, the climate being maintained in this kind of Centennial, CO self
storage unit varies from 55-80 degrees. A central heating system and air
conditioning is employed to maintain the temperature level constant. Aside
from stopping moisture to build up, temperature controlled storage is also
capable of preventing pest infestation warping, corrosion, and cracking as
well as splitting.
Centennial, CO temperature controlled storage is perfect for keeping
delicate things that might get ruined by extreme shifts in temperature. Items
you can store in this kind of unit are your wine, precious antiques and even
leather furniture.
With leather furniture, for example, this calls for a space where the level of
humidity is kept constantly. You have to avoid the development of mildew
and molds which is achievable if you place this furniture piece in a standard
storage spot where moisture can grow.
In terms of wines, they must be kept in a rental unit that can guarantee a
constant level of climate. This is to avoid likely changes in the flavor of the
If you are keeping your valuable belongings in cardboard boxes, it might be
best to use Centennial, CO temperature controlled storage. You need to

take into account that moisture can find their way in as time passes in this
kind of box. When this occurs, your items might suffer from destruction.
It's also essential to use the temperature controlled storage Centennial if
you are storing highly valuable objects. Being personal belongings that you
have invested so much on, it's appropriate that you should take the time to
store them in a safe area where they'll be preserved during storage. Think
of it as an intelligent investment because in the end, you have already
spent your dollars when you purchased those precious things.
Another benefit of using Centennial, CO temperature controlled storage is
the insurance protection for your belongings. Most Centennial, CO self
storage owners that offer temperature controlled storage give a higher type
of insurance policies. This is to insure for troubles that your belongings may
face in the event something fails to the rental unit's equipment that keeps
the level of temperature.
If you are not willing to take the likelihood of getting your belongings
destroyed during storage, then it's smart to rent Centennial, CO
temperature controlled storage. You have invested your hard earned cash
to purchase those personal items and since you'll have to store them away
from your house for a while, why not guarantee their maximum protection
and not be bothered by the costs you are going to pay.