Ten things to consider when selecting and installing the Roll Compactor System

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Ten things to consider when selecting and
installing the Roll Compactor System
While installing a Roll compactor system, several factors needs to be considered related to the
equipments used, the operations and some other important components. In this article the ten
most important things are listed below in order to understand the most important things to do
while installation process is on.
The f irst and the most important is the space for the equipments and other
layout requirements.
Before the selection of the Roll compactor, it is important to estimate the space which is
available in the plant where you would like to install the machine. You should also consider
some extended space for the equipments which will take more space after the assembly of the
roller compactor.
The second most important thing is controlling dust
While analysing the compactor for sale, good control of dust is done then the comfort and the
safety of the workers are considered. The design should be such that the dust in the area can
be controlled.
Mr. Jayesh Khambhayata
+91-98250 10884
The type of application allows you to control the dust, like the Roll compactor will only handle
a single kind of powder while the dust is controlled by the roller press system. The dust is again
recycled for use. You also have to consider that the dust collector should not draw too much
The third most important point is Noise control
Maintaining one level of noise the safety of the workers can be ensured. The roll motor of the
Roll compactor before analysing the compactor for sale and the screener make the most noise
and it can reach upto a level of 80DBC at times. The roller should be covered with a noise cover
so that the machine is cool. The cleaning balls should be used in the screener to reduce its
Handling the equipments properly is the fourth important factor to consider.
Before studying the compactor for sale the equipments of the Roll compactor should reduce
the intake of air in the powder; hence there will be less dust. The compactors require a special
compactor so that the powder can be cured, dyed or cooled as they are travelling downstream.
Product sampling is the fifth important factor
Before installing of the Roll compactor, the samples of the product need to be considered. One
should be aware about the various methods of quality control. The samples will help the setting
up of the Roll compactor and hence perform a start up and hence analyse the performance of
the equipment in the later stages.
Mr. Jayesh Khambhayata
+91-98250 10884
The sixth point is the Utilities
Considering what utilities a roll compactor may require and to make sure that they are made
available in the plant. The Rapid Mixer Granulator manufacturer mentions its specifications in
the price quotations so that one can understand the utilities are there along with the roller
Safety measures comes in the seventh place
As with all industrial equipment, the roller press system can be extremely dangerous if you
don’t take adequate safety precautions. Make sure workers can’t gain access at equipment
feed and discharge interfaces. Specify that sampling and inspection ports be properly covered.
If the roller press system will be part of a larger process in your plant, make sure the system’s
equipment has safety inter-locks with upstream and downstream equipment.
Cleaning is the eighth important factor
Before the Roll compactor is installed, the standard operating procedures needs to be
performed on the cleaning of the equipments. A chemical in the Rapid Mixer Granulator can
run for 24 hours. It can use several dyes and can cause color contamination. Hence cleaning
should be done properly in order to make the optimal use of the machine.
Maintenance is the ninth point
Maintenance just like cleaning is very important for the compactor. The lubrication of the
system needs to be considered while studying the compactor for sale. The Roll compactor,
Rapid Mixer Granulator and other machineries should be pre greased and hence needs to be
checked so that they need to be greased in between the roll repairs or not. The lubrication
should be done at regular intervals.
Last but not the least is the spare parts
The spare parts are the most important things for the roll compactor. One has to keep the
spare parts in the inventory. The spare parts may be required due to the different wear and
tear of the machine due to the use of chemicals, powders and the machine gets damaged due
to the powder’s abrasive nature. The most costly and important parts are the rolls. So it is
important to keep a stock of the important spare parts in order to make the roll compacter
function smoothly.
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