Tevron Adds Full Support for Microsoft Windows Vista with Automated Load Testing, CitraTest Family

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Contact: Jay Labadini

Tevron, LLC
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(R) Adds Full Support for Microsoft(R) Windows Vista(R) (formerly code named
Longhorn) to the CitraTest
(R) Family of Automated Testing Solutions for APM, Load
testing, and General Automation.

CitraTest, CitraTest VU, and CitraTest APM are the only single license, integrated
solutions for conducting application performance monitoring, functional, regression and
latency testing for every enterprise application that is accessible from a Windows based

Nashua, New Hampshire, September 15, 2005
- Tevron today announced the addition of support

for Microsoft Windows Vista (formerly code named Longhorn) to its suite of automated testing

solutions. With the latest release of CitraTest(R), CitraTest(R) APM, and CitraTest(R) VU, Tevron

again is taking the lead role in the automated testing industry in providing support for every

Windows environment and every application that is accessible from Windows. As companies

across the world upgrade to the new Vista operating environment, Tevron's automated testing

solutions will continue to offer the industry lead for application monitoring, load testing, and general


To learn more about Tevron's automated testing solutions or to request additional information,

please call +1.702.518.7435 or visit http://www.tevron.com.


Tevron(R) is a global leader in APM and Automated Testing. Through our all encompassing

customer-centric vision and advanced technology, our APM & Testing Solutions allow the unique

flexibility of supporting every application across the enterprise with one methodology delivering the

ability to test, monitor, enforce SLAs, and optimize performance with confidence and ease. Founded

in 2001, Tevron(R) is a global organization and is privately held. Our vast and diverse range of

Tevron, LLC 402 Amherst Street, Suite 103 Nashua, NH 03063 Tel: 702.518.7435 Fax: 603.595.9304 www.tevron.com

customers are global leaders and include companies such as A.G. Edwards, Bank of America,

Citigroup, DaimlerChrysler, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, Lucent Technologies, Merrill Lynch, and

numerous others.


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Tevron, LLC 402 Amherst Street, Suite 103 Nashua, NH 03063 Tel: 702.518.7435 Fax: 603.595.9304 www.tevron.com