Tevron, LLC Provides Powerful Automated Testing Solution for Palm Handhelds

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Tevron, LLC Provides Powerful Automated Testing Solution for Palm Handhelds

Tevron’s enterprise testing solutions can be used prior to deployment of Palm based
applications to ensure functionality, compatibility, and measure performance.

Chelmsford, Massachusetts, January 28, 2002
– Tevron, LLC today introduced support to its

AcuTest solution for testing Palm based applications via PC emulation. Through the use of

Tevron’s powerful automated testing solution, the overall functionality and compatibility of Palm

applications can be thoroughly and accurately tested. In addition, scripts can be created that

continuously monitor these applications to ensure availability and overall performance. By

recording and replaying actions that simulate a person using Palm based applications,

testing teams can properly validate functionality, compatibility, and accurately measure the end user


“Handheld devices, such as Palm, have rapidly become an integral part of e-business and

until now, have been completely ignored by the software only, automated testing vendors.

Through the use of Tevron’s unique image testing technology, testing teams and developers can

now effectively automate the validation of all Palm applications. In addition to delivering the

technology to perform functional and compatibility testing of Palm applications, Tevron’s enterprise

testing solution can also monitor these applications 24x7. Through the use of AcuTest, Palm

developers finally have an affordable, software based alternative to the expensive, hardware based

tools to perform automated testing. For Tevron, this is yet another industry first in the

automated testing space”, explains Jay Labadini, President and CEO of Tevron, LLC.

Tevron, LLC 6 Courthouse Lane, Unit #7 Chelmsford, MA 01824 Tel: 978.441.9844 Fax: 978.441.9877 www.tevron.com

To learn how Tevron can improve the testing of your Palm applications, call

1.978.441.9844 or visit www.tevron.com.


Tevron, LLC is a pioneer in a new class of automated software testing solutions. Utilizing

Tevron’s proprietary Image Verification as a platform for its automated solutions, Tevron’s mission

is to provide automation solutions compatible with all operating systems, development

environments and multiple hardware platforms. Tevron offers test automation solutions in both

standalone software versions and totally non-invasive external appliance aided versions, as well as

offering expert implementation and testing services.


Tevron, LLC, the Tevron logo, AcuTest, CitraTest, and CitraTest VU are trademarks

of Tevron, LLC. All other product references herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks

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