Text Messaging 101: How to Send a Text Message?

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Text Messaging 101: How to
Send a Text Message

The mobile phone is probably one of the
greatest inventions of the 21st century. It
helps us to stay in touch with people on the
go. Innovation and technology has made
numerous updates to the present mobile
phones/smartphones and updated the
services they provided. First, mobile phones
were used for talking to one another, then
came text messaging, after that sending
images via mobile phones and today we can practically do anything from
browsing the internet, sending e-mails, audio/video conferencing, sharing
data, etc. One of the most basic yet most used facilities on mobile phones
is text messaging, but everyone does not know how to send a text
message. Here are the basic steps to send text messages.

Let us first look at the basic details of text messaging.
Text messaging is also called short message service
(SMS). A text message on our mobile phones has a
limitation of 160 characters, which includes spaces. This
means that if you create a text message of 160+
characters then it will reach the recipient as several split
messages one after the other. This particular drawback

has been removed in the new smartphones using different text messaging
applications. Also one can send a message to any mobile phone
regardless of the service provider he/she is using. One must keep a check
on the charges per SMS taken from their service provider. Usually people
take a plan if they are frequently sending text
messages on daily basis as it helps lower the
cost per SMS.

Every mobile phone or smartphone provides
different menu views and different options but to
send a text message the procedure is more or
less the same:
1) Go to the main menu of the phone and select the option "Messages" or
"Text" or "Messaging".
2) Select the option "New Message" or "Create Message" or "Write
Message" or click on the icon for writing new message.
3) Now the following steps vary from phone to phone but more or less
these steps come in the process of sending a text message. In the "To:"
field enter the phone number of the person you wish to send the
message to. Here you can select directly from your contact list and also
you can select multiple names and numbers. You can even send
attachments like business card or photo or images, by selecting on the
"Insert" option and selecting the file.
4) Then you go to the message body and type the text message. After
typing the message, select the "Send" option and your text message will
be sent to the recipient/s.
If someone has sent you a text message
and you wish to reply to it than you would
not have to go through the above steps. Just
open the message and select the "Reply"

option. Then simply type the message in the message box and click on
Similarly, if you would like to forward a message to others like an email,
open the message. Select the option "Forward" and add the phone number
of the person and select "Send".
Thus, sending text messages is very easy.
Once you get a hang of the function, it
becomes even easier and faster to perform
the above steps. If you face any problems in
text messaging, you can always refer to the
manual provided along with your mobile

SUMMARY: - Mobile phones are a popular means of communication. One
form of communication available on mobile phones is text messaging. Text
messaging is very easy to learn and perform. A few simple steps are given to
send text messages from a mobile phone.



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