Text Your Ex Back – What Texts Never to Send

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Text Your Ex Back - What Texts Never to Send

Have you ever wondered why your ex has never responded to any of your text
messages? Are you getting frustrated that it seems he or she doesn't even care at
all? Maybe it's not that your ex doesn't want to communicate with you. Maybe the
problem lies with what you are sending him or her. There are a lot of ways to get
your ex back. A text message can be one of them if, and only if, you avoid sending
texts that are too needy, too desperate and too self loathing. Here are a few no-no's
in sending texts to get your ex back.

Text messages to avoid - needy text messages

Text messages that give an impression of you being too dependent on one person is
never a successful way to getting your ex back. Nobody wants to be with someone
who can never stand on their own feet without a
girlfriend or boyfriend. Also never attempt to
compare basic or essential needs of human
survival to how you feel about your ex. Texts
such as "I can't eat without you" or "I can't
breathe without you" are just corny ways of
saying you are and never will be independent.

Text messages to avoid - desperate text

Desperate messages are big no-no's to text
your ex back
. It pushes people away rather
than getting them back as it becomes too
irritating over time. Never beg in a text message
as it often fails than it being a success. Text

messages with begging and desperate content may even add pressure to your ex
especially when he or she is stuck in the
dilemma of leaving you permanently or
getting back together. Give them space and
time to make rational decisions about your
relationship and who knows, it might be the
decision that you've been waiting for.

Text messages to avoid - self loathing

Never ever send self pity texts as it often
back fires your attempt to get your ex back.
Whenever you send messages that contain
self anger, you are also sending mixed
signals to your ex. It may cause your ex to
feel guilty about the break up or worse, he or
she may get angry at you to for making it
seem like they are the one to blame. Self
loathing text messages can become to irritating to read that instead of feeling
compassion and empathy your ex will feel the opposite, eliminating your chances
of getting back together.