The Advantages of Dragon Medical Practice Edition

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The Advantages Of Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Other voice recognition software might exist to help medical professionals create
documentation, but Dragon(R) Medical Practice Edition offers the integration that
practitioners need to do their job, and do it well. Dragon Medical Practice Edition was
made to address the issues practitioners face with medical records and documentation, in
order to make the process simpler and more fluid.

How does this voice recognition software accomplish just that? Take a look at some of
the advantages of Dragon Medical Practice Edition:
* First and foremost, this medical dictation software is integrated with your EHR, so
you don't have to transfer documents from one application to another in order to
manage documentation. Wherever you can place text in an EHR--you can dictate
that text. This is what makes this software so fluid.
* Speed is one of the main reasons why this software succeeds in medical practices.
Typing becomes even more tedious as the day drags on. Practitioners can speed up
their documentation with dictation capabilities to make it 3x faster than typing.
Speaking is just easier than typing, and it's helping practitioners generate the
documents they need.
* Along with integration in EHRs, practitioners can dictate within Microsoft Office
Applications, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and more. Practitioners can also dictate
within billing statements and emails, to make work that much simpler.
* Dragon Medical Practice Edition is 20% more accurate than Dragon Medical 10, and
33% more accurate than Dragon Professional 11, making it one of the most improved
software programs and something that will help practitioners immediately after
opening the box.
* Overall efficiency increases in a medical practice that incorporates this type of
transcription software. With the ability to dictate within EHRs, increased accuracy, an
expansive medical vocabulary with (30,000+ words), and integration with other
applications, practitioners are able to so much more with their computers to produce

Now it's just a matter of letting these advantages work for you and your medical practice.
Dragon Medical Practice Edition is such a unique tool for the medical field and does so
much more than improve documentation. It allows practitioners to meet the needs of
more patients and to be even more precise in documentation they produce.

Take these advantages, weigh them against other medical voice recognition software, and
consider what it can do for you and your staff. This technology is changing the way
practitioners create and use medical documents.