The Adventures of Miss Daisy for young and old and cat lovers

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The Adventures of Miss Daisy for young and old and cat lovers
(1888PressRelease) In turn, Laura and her cat Daisy narrate their adventures to us,
each in her own particular way. Between nearly constant moves and burglaries,
however, there exists a stability in the turbulent life of these two: the affection that
unifies them.
(1888PressRelease) - Those who own a cat are going to love and recognize many of
the same cat behavior. For Linda Adnil-Vranken, no doubt, the behavior and the state
of mind of an animal reflects the psyche of the master ... and she proves it by
alternating Laura's impressions and Daisy's perceptions about the life they lead
together. This is a tender and sensitive story for all, for children and cat lovers.
The illustrations are by Stephen Thomas, an english artist living in the South of
Stephen Thomas explores fantastic, imaginary, even esoteric worlds in his canvases.
In parallel to his work as a painter, he also produces illustrations for children's books,
CD jackets and drawings used as models for games, jig saw puzzles and toys made
from wood.
The ebook is available Available on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from Apple Ibookstore,
from, Barnes and Nobles.
The french version, les aventures de Miss Daisy is available in paper version on, and
The music in the video is from Robert Lauri. Robert Lauri, an eclectic international
musician, controls a wide variety of musical genres and the extent of his musical
creativity characterizes him as a true artist. The styles differ and are continually
renewed, and yet Robert Lauri always follows the same path, that of sincerity.
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