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The Ballet Bible Review - Better Ballet Steps and Positions

Due the lack of good technical ballet books, Anita Leembruggen wrote The Ballet Bible. The book
talks about the 3 simple rules of a prima ballerina, which covers how to improve your ballet
technique, learning in correctly and in the shortest time possible. If you learn and keep doing a
movement incorrectly you will end up having a bad technique which will end up transferring into
the other movements in a hugely way. You may not know, but there are a huge number of dancers
who learn bad habits and keep them along the life taking any possibility of reaching a professional
The book only not shows how to make correct movements and postures but also show the minor
mistakes that the majority of dancers commit and how to avoid them. No other book shows the
DONTs. Don't you agree that having a better understanding of the technique, seeing it as many
times you like, is a huge step to the improvement of ballet steps and positions? Have you ever
notice how some famous ballet dancer have an extra added "character" when performing? The
books also cover a special technique about how to get the best from your personality and develop
a unique style.
Can't forget to mention in this Ballet Bible review the other tips and covered topics such how to
succeed as a dancer, French terminology and the ballet history as well, the nine arm poses, best
practice exercises to train your muscles to be prepared for pointe, how to tie the pointe shoe, how
to get the correct balance, proper stretching and much more. Everything covered in high quality
pictures and easy to understand texts.
Do you know what muscle memory is? When a movement is repeated over time, a muscle
memory is created into your brain for a specified task. That's why high level dancers don't are not
having conscious effort when doing movements. A very common used by athletes in order
improve their motor learning is to watch videos. One of the free bonuses available along with the
purchase is a software (compatible with MAC and PC) containing over 60 videos showing exactly
how to movements should be performed. Watch over and over again until the information stuck
into your sub-conscious.
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The Ballet Bible
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